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You don't person to cognize a touchdown from a tight extremity to tune successful to Super Bowl LVII, which will beryllium played successful Glendale, Arizona, connected Feb. 12, betwixt nan Kansas City Chiefs and nan Philadelphia Eagles. The mini-movie commercials, heavy anticipated movie trailers and nan star-studded halftime shows besides propulsion successful nan crowds. This year's halftime show is particularly breathtaking for many, since it features Rihanna, an iconic creator who hasn't released a caller medium successful a while. Here's nan lowdown.

Here's a small astir Rihanna

Barbadian vocalist Rihanna is 1 of those philharmonic artists who doesn't request to usage a past name. (It's Fenty, though. She uses nan sanction for her constitution and lingerie businesses.) She'll beryllium taking halfway shape astatine nan halftime show, and arsenic acold arsenic we know, she's doing it solo, dissimilar past twelvemonth erstwhile Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige each shared nan spotlight. (Of course, it's ever imaginable a celeb friend could popular by.)

Don't cognize Rihanna? She's a pop, manner and philharmonic icon, a billionaire businesswoman, and an character who's starred successful movies and TV shows. (Kids loved her arsenic nan sound of Tip successful nan 2015 DreamWorks film Home.) She's won 9 Grammy Awards and is 1 of nan bestselling philharmonic artists of each time, having sold 250 cardinal records worldwide.

Take it from Jay-Z, who signed nan vocalist to Def Jam Records successful 2004, and now owns Roc Nation, her guidance institution and nan NFL's charismatic intermezo partner.

"Rihanna is simply a generational talent, a female of humble beginnings who has surpassed expectations astatine each turn," he said erstwhile Rihanna's Super Bowl domiciled was announced.

How to watch nan halftime show

Super Bowl LVII is group for Feb. 12, pinch kickoff astatine 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT astatine State Farm Stadium successful Glendale, Arizona. The crippled will aerial connected Fox. If you want to tune successful conscionable for nan halftime show, you astir apt don't person to salary attraction until astir 7:30-8 p.m. ET -- nan first 2 quarters of nan crippled will astir apt tally 40 minutes each, pinch commercials and play stoppages each included. Call it 7:30 p.m. conscionable to beryllium safe. Although if you miss anything, nan NFL usually posts online video of nan full halftime show reasonably quickly.

If you get Fox connected your regular TV transmission lineup, you're set. If you can't get Fox correct now, you could adhd Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV aliases Sling TV to get nan transmission and watch nan crippled live.

Want to watercourse nan crippled unrecorded connected a mobile app? NFL Plus subscribers tin do truthful connected nan NFL mobile app, and Fox subscribers tin watch it connected nan Fox Sports app.

What to expect from nan halftime show

A voiceover for nan Super Bowl halftime show teaser reminds viewers that Rihanna hasn't released a caller medium since Anti successful 2016. That judge seems to hint astatine a caller medium announcement, but not truthful fast. Variety reports that Rihanna said successful November, "That's not true. Super Bowl is 1 thing. New euphony is different thing. Do you perceive that, fans?" 

New medium aliases nary caller album, Rihanna knows really to put connected a show, and nan use of not having to divided nan show among 5 different musicians intends it'll beryllium akin to a shortened concert.

This is nan first twelvemonth that Apple Music is sponsoring nan Super Bowl halftime show, replacing Pepsi. We'll person to hold and spot if Apple Music offers immoderate tech gems aliases extras relating to nan show.

Correction, 2:20 p.m. PT: An earlier type of this communicative incorrectly said Rihanna hasn't released immoderate caller euphony since her 2016 album. She hasn't released a caller medium since then, but has released caller music. 

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