I’m a doctor and I don’t like wearing masks at work. Does that make me selfish? | Letters

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It is uncommon for maine to disagree pinch George Monbiot, but I must do truthful erstwhile he suggests that each those who wish to taper disconnected immoderate of nan Covid restrictions are selfish (We are each playing Covid roulette. Without cleanable air, nan adjacent infection could permanently disable you, 26 January). As a frontline healthcare worker, I americium against nan ongoing request for mask-wearing successful each objective areas, for nan elemental logic that location appears to beryllium nary conception of erstwhile it will end. I wish to beryllium capable to link pinch nan group astir maine erstwhile I’m astatine work, a spot I walk astir of my waking hours.

Transmission of respiratory pathogens has ever occurred, yet successful nan past we person reserved mask-wearing for nan astir high-risk situations, specified arsenic astir those pinch tuberculosis aliases terrible immunosuppression. Now it appears that societal relationship has been sacrificed permanently successful favour of immoderate triumph successful nan conflict betwixt humanity and microbes. This whitethorn move retired to beryllium nan astir important warfare humans person ever faced. Yet if it is worthy sacrificing nan expertise to spot different person’s face, why are only healthcare workers doing it? And, if it is not, erstwhile tin NHS workers expect to beryllium capable to subordinate nan remainder of nan state and person support to converse pinch group we tin see, while they excessively tin spot us?
Jack Pickard
Paediatric intensive attraction doctor, London

The accelerated diminution of mask-wearing successful crowded places is different colossal nonaccomplishment of authorities wellness policy. Covid protection messaging represented a chance to permanently adopt nan sensible, altruistic and prosocial Asian wont of wearing a disguise to protect others from infection. In 2020, nan authorities delayed for months – astatine nan costs of countless lives – earlier reluctantly promoting this measure.

In March 2020, I started making cloth masks, researching materials and designs arsenic I went along, and gifting them to family, friends, nutrient banks and influencers. I kept going, making much than 500, until – belatedly – cloth masks and N95 masks were wide available. I still deterioration a disguise connected nationalist carrier and different risky places, partially to punctual others that it is still benignant and responsible to do so. Anyone who clapped for nan NHS and wants to protect it should do nan same.
Hilary Cashman
Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham

George Monbiot’s concerns complete semipermanent Covid and repeating Covid are very good grounded, but location is simply a related, and cardinal facet of Covid successful nan UK that he doesn’t mention. This country, for months now, has been nan worst successful occidental Europe for Covid deaths per cardinal people. According to nan reputable authority Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, Norway has a decease complaint little than a 3rd of nan UK’s. Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium and nan Netherlands each person little decease rates than we have. Had nan UK done arsenic good arsenic Germany successful controlling nan virus, we would person had thousands less deaths than nan 217,000 we person endured to date. The government’s grounds connected Covid is shamefully poor.
Cameron Miller

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