‘I’m a Marmite manager… not everyone wants you,’ says Everton’s Sean Dyche

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Sean Dyche admits he is simply a ‘Marmite’ head who would astir apt not person sewage nan Everton occupation had they not been facing a 2nd successive relegation fight.

The erstwhile Burnley leader takes complete pinch nan club only staying disconnected nan bottommost of nan Premier League connected extremity quality aft 9 defeats successful their past 12 matches.

He was not proprietor Farhad Moshiri’s first prime – nor that of nan mostly of fans – arsenic nan billionaire wanted Marcelo Bielsa, only for negotiations pinch nan Argentinian to break down.

Dyche, sacked past April aft astir 10 years astatine Turf Moor, joins pinch Everton engulfed successful a civilian war, pinch supporters readying much protests against nan board. They are not nan perfect ingredients pinch which to crippled a way to information but Dyche, who accepts he whitethorn person to triumph complete fans, is fresh for nan challenge.

‘I’m a Marmite head anyhow – not everyone wants you,’ he said. ‘Possibly if (the club) wasn’t successful nan style it’s successful I wouldn’t get nan chance. I don’t mind that. I’m a custodian. I won’t beryllium present everlastingly but I’ll look aft it.

‘I’ve sewage to gain my spurs and I’m consenting to put nan difficult yards successful to gain their respect. I’m alert of nan caller sound astir nan nine but I’m learning astir nan Evertonians and nan reasons why. One point I cognize is they guidelines by their club, protect it and support it – my unit and players request that.’

Everton were nan only top-flight nine not to bring successful immoderate players during January contempt their request to inject life into their squad.

The caller head said: ‘Phone calls were made, nan offers were made, it didn’t get to them, immoderate nan reason.

‘We tin person debates connected why (but) I’m not going to motion players for nan liking of it.

‘They’ve sewage to beryllium bully capable to impact what we do.

‘There’s bully players here. They whitethorn not person shown but we request to punctual ourselves of nan bully players here. We’ve sewage to polish them up a bit.’

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