I’m an escort who loves dressing clients up like life-sized dolls

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As I stared astatine a container connected nan level pinch a feline wrong it pretending to beryllium a life-sized doll, I felt a unreserved of excitement. 

When I opened it, I noticed he was wholly naked, lying motionless. It was for illustration a caller artifact had arrived and I could conscionable consciousness that he was eager to beryllium utilized by me. 

I knew he was tense aft spotting a fewer beads of sweat connected his forehead arsenic he tried desperately to support his unfastened eyes still to forestall blinking. I americium a diligent personification and I cognize that my clients request a mates of moments to wholly dive into our domiciled play.

I ripped nan container isolated to free my client’s assemblage from nan wrapping and began tenderly caressing it from caput to toe, while paying adjacent attraction to his erection. My doll had to support this for almost nan full convention – 1 hr – since I emotion to tease and contradict until nan very end.  

As a dominatrix who specialises successful surviving doll play – also known arsenic dollification – this is what I emotion doing.

It’s a intersexual fetish wherever an individual enjoys either transforming themselves aliases a partner – some physically and mentally – into a surviving doll. These clients typically deterioration make-up, dresses and stockings while they return connected assumed doll-like characteristics, including a desire to beryllium owned, complete submission, and constricted movement. 

They tin beryllium immoderate gender (although each of my existent clients are cisgender men), and travel successful each shapes and sizes – thing is disconnected limits. 

I first became a dominatrix astatine 30, erstwhile I was introduced to it by a friend and person successful 2017. She took maine to spot 1 of her clients for a threesome.

During this first convention – which was my first acquisition pinch nan festish – I dressed them up successful dresses and stockings, did their make-up, and they some became my loyal submissives for nan adjacent 2 hours; they followed my orders and I perfectly loved it!

Since then, I’ve ne'er looked back. So really does it each work?

Before I meet pinch a client, I inquire them a catalogue of questions, which thief maine hole myself for our date. These questions include: which type of doll would you for illustration to become? Do you want our convention to see intersexual acts? If yes, successful what regard? What are your no-gos?

Based connected their answers, I found a clear script for nan session. I seldom person to bargain thing arsenic they bring their ain outfits.  

When my clients and I meet, I dress them successful my chosen outfit. Then, I do their make-up and style their hairsbreadth arsenic I wish. The erstwhile is usually rather accepted (pale skin, reddish lips) and their hairsbreadth is typically curled, aliases they’ll bring a wig for maine to style.  

We past either person a speedy chat to lukewarm up to each different aliases we commencement pinch nan play correct distant – this depends connected nan agreed scenario. For example, if nan doorway is already somewhat unfastened truthful I tin sneak successful and find my plaything lying connected nan level aliases bed, we don’t discarded immoderate time.  

How nan convention unfolds depends connected their preferences. Many clients take not to walk, talk aliases sit.  

Some do though. As nan doll maker, I bask pressing different ‘buttons’ to alteration definite skills. For example, I’ll push a fastener and say, ‘when I push this portion of your body, you will beryllium down’, ‘I emotion you, Jamie’ aliases ‘I’ll do immoderate you inquire maine for’.

Then I travel up pinch definite fun, sexy, aliases useful ‘functions’ – depending connected nan day, nan person, my mood, and my clients’ ain wishes.

There is nary mould erstwhile it comes to this – everyone’s preferences are different and fantasies tin travel each kinds of stories. For me, that’s what makes them truthful exciting. 

I initially assumed dollification ever progressive having activity pinch nan quality dolls, which surely isn’t nan case. They tin service intersexual purposes, but nan spectrum of services and abilities is vast. A customer pinch this fetish for maine is for illustration a work bottommost – they do what pleases me, which pleases them.

Often, they simply do adjuvant things for me. This tin see ft massages, cooking and cleaning, repairing clothing, opening doors, aliases mostly pursuing my orders. They sometimes do much humiliating things too, for illustration solving intolerable tasks aliases licking my shoes.

While escorting, dollification play quickly became my favourite work to connection because you really do consciousness for illustration you’re exploring a caller world pinch personification while you immerse yourself successful fascinating characters.

During immoderate sessions, I moreover return connected nan doll domiciled myself and travel my client’s demands. Many of my clients return this chance to usage maine for their intersexual desires. Me being nan passive domiciled seems to little their inhibition thresholds, letting them enactment much openly. 

No matter who you are, you should consciousness comfortable exploring your sexuality and any fetishes you’re willing in.

I would opportunity that I’ve loved dollification from nan very beginning. Playing pinch my clients successful this measurement has helped dress up for each of those missed puerility years erstwhile I didn’t situation play pinch dolls retired of fearfulness of being misgendered.

I’m trans-masculine and, increasing up, I knew that if I played pinch dolls, I’d beryllium referred to arsenic a girl. I don’t usage feminine pronouns and I really didn’t want to person that personality forced upon me.

Nowadays, I tin play pinch my dolls arsenic a liberated and empowered personification comfortable successful my trans masculinity, who knows that hobbies for illustration this are gender non-specific.

Being a dominatrix has ever felt very empowering for me; nan truth location are group really paying for my transgender assemblage and getting sexually aroused by really I talk, move, behave and look is simply a complete thrill.

I dream that clients statesman to unfastened up to their partners by telling them astir their intersexual fantasies alternatively of emotion they request to hide their kinks. My clients are often cheating connected their partners and I would overmuch for illustration they were unfastened and honorable – they could moreover bring their partners along! 

I spot myself being a dominatrix specialising successful dollification for a long, agelong clip – I emotion it!

I would for illustration this peculiar fetish to go much wide understood and for kinks for illustration this to beryllium openly and proudly explored – hopefully maine sharing my experiences will thief pinch that.

Jamie specialises successful dollification and uses Germany’s biggest societal web for those pinch an liking successful nan awesome world of kinks and fetishes, Kaufmich.com.

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