‘I married my high school bully – he’s not who he was when he was a teen’

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The saying goes that we find emotion successful improbable places, and that’s surely existent for newlyweds Lauren Enslow and Lucas Olsen.

The brace went to schoolhouse together – but Lucas, 21, bullied Lauren, 20, for months, comparing her to a animation character.

Lauren admits that she ‘hated’ her now-husband, but 5 years on, and Lucas is simply a changed man.

Lauren, from Utah, USA, explained: ‘It’s funny that I tin telephone him my precocious schoolhouse bully, and my precocious schoolhouse sweetheart.

‘People opportunity they would ne'er person forgiven him, but I can’t guidelines his characteristic disconnected who he was erstwhile he was 16.’

The mates really met astatine a statement successful 2016, and began messaging complete Snapchat. Sparks flew betwixt nan brace – but nan messaging ne'er grew into thing more.

Then, successful September 2017, Lauren started precocious school, and that’s erstwhile nan teasing began.

Lucas and his friends would mock Lauren, calling her ‘Linda’, aft nan eccentric animation characteristic successful Bob’s Burgers.

Lauren, a contented creator, said: ‘Lucas and his friends started to tease me.

‘They would only telephone maine Linda. I didn’t for illustration being compared to her astatine all. I hated him then.

‘They thought it was truthful funny, and Lucas would movie maine and put it connected his Snapchat without maine knowing.

‘I wanted thing to do pinch him.’

Explaining his behaviour, Lucas said: ‘Looking backmost now, I conscionable deliberation it was silly.

‘When you are that young, you deliberation things for illustration that are funny.

‘I ne'er really thought she looked for illustration that animation character. My friends and I were coming up pinch characters to comparison Lauren and each her friends to, arsenic a joke, that ended up going a small excessively far.

‘I teased her because I liked her and because my friends were doing it – it was down to adjacent pressure, successful a way.’

But aft Lucas witnesser Lauren get into a car mishap successful November 2017, nan bullying stopped.

Lauren was pinch her mum, Jessica Enslow, 48, and sister, Alyssa Kimber, 28, erstwhile their car shunted into different vehicle.

‘We were successful a parking batch and saw Lucas,’ Lauren said. ‘My sister thought it was funny to rotation down nan model and telephone retired his name. Seconds later we were successful a car crash.

‘No 1 was earnestly injured by nan cars were messed up.’

Lauren shared a image of nan banged up car connected her Snapchat and was amazed erstwhile Lucas reached out.

‘He asked if I was OK,’ she said. ‘It showed he cared. It helped maine for illustration him again.’

After nan accident, Lucas stopped his teasing, and nan brace became friends aft Lauren’s pal convinced them to spell connected a double date.

‘We started hanging retired and having tons of fun,’ Lauren said. ‘I started to create feelings for him and he apologised for teasing me.’

The brace started officially making love successful February 2018 and Lucas projected successful July 2022, aft 4 years arsenic a couple.

‘He took maine a apical of a upland to spot watch immoderate fireworks,’ Lauren said. ‘Then he sewage down connected 1 knee and pulled retired a ring. I had been a spot suspicious but still very shocked erstwhile it really happened.’

The mates tied nan knot successful October 2022 – nan aforesaid day they met six years prior. They eloped pinch conscionable their contiguous family coming astatine nan ceremony.

‘People opportunity they could ne'er wed their precocious schoolhouse bully, but for maine it was mostly teasing, and I sewage past it,’ said Lauren.

Lucas said: ‘There was ever feelings for her. I’m a beardown believer of everything happens for a logic and I emotion that it yet happened.

‘Marrying your precocious schoolhouse sweetheart is nan astir beautiful point I could ever dream for.

‘Lauren is awesome and I couldn’t inquire for a amended personification to acquisition nan remainder of my life with. I want a family pinch Lauren, I’m excited to build a location and watch nan remainder of our dreams travel true.’

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