‘I was on The Traitors US and this is how it really compares to the UK version’

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The Traitors US finalist Andie Vanacore has revealed how nan UK type differs from theirs, and it’s not conscionable to do pinch Alan Cumming replacing Claudia Winkleman.

Faithful Andie, 31, almost won nan $250,000 prize, narrowly missing retired aft Cirie Fields revealed herself to beryllium a Traitor.

And aft playing nan aggravated and highly affectional game, and watching nan UK type – which saw Faithfuls Aaron Evans, Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski win – Andie has revealed conscionable really different nan 2 are.

In an exclusive chat pinch Metro.co.uk, Andie began: ‘Well, first, I perfectly emotion nan UK version. I thought nan formed was amazing, Claudia was brilliant. Like, it’s specified a bully show.’

Amongst nan 22 contestants connected The Traitors US are a bunch of celebrities arsenic good arsenic normal people, which prompted moreover much suspicions and paranoia – however, nan civilians had nary thought that reality stars would beryllium joining them successful nan game.

‘It was conscionable expected to beryllium civilians,’ Andie said, continuing: ‘Like that’s each we were told, truthful for me, I was like, obviously, I wouldn’t deliberation that location would beryllium a threat of personification who went and played a crippled 4 different times and lost, that has each this strategy. Like I didn’t cognize immoderate of that.

‘I thought it was going to beryllium an moreover playing field. So I deliberation that was a small advantageous, I guess, against nan civilian cast. But past you had immoderate civilians that were like, you know, fanatics of those shows. So for illustration they knew nan gameplay truthful I deliberation it was conscionable me.’

Aside from immoderate celebrities coming from akin reality gameshows, including nan likes of Big Brother and Survivor (the second of which Cirie competed connected for 4 seasons), Andie admitted nan UK type of nan show became much personable.

They said: ‘I deliberation pinch nan UK type you’re really capable to get to cognize nan group and I deliberation that that is thing that is conscionable like, proceeding each one’s for illustration communicative of like, why they’re motivated to moreover spell connected a TV show, what matters to them, for illustration that was nan biggest point for maine going connected nan TV show.

‘So typically, my time to time I’m an introvert. Like, I don’t link pinch a batch of people. And that is thing that arsenic Andie I really wanted to do,’ they told us, having explained that up of filming nan show, they had conscionable changed their sanction and travel retired arsenic trans non-binary, saying: ‘Going connected there, I knew I wanted to find myself and beryllium nan personification I’ve ever felt inside’.

Andie continued: ‘And truthful going connected nan show, I was like, I want to effort to link pinch each these different group from each these different walks of life.

‘We’re each present for immoderate reason, sloppy of casting, for illustration we’re each successful this infinitesimal together. So I deliberation that successful nan UK version, that meant truthful overmuch to like, get to cognize them and it gave you thing to subordinate to nan group with, for illustration “Oh that’s why they mightiness beryllium motivated to do that”.

‘I deliberation group saw maine arsenic this immense affectional personification [but] that’s not my emblematic demeanour, it’s because I was put successful a unit cooker, and each these uncomfortable situations, right, but group didn’t get to spot that because they saw really editing was pinch definite things.

‘They didn’t get to spot my full character, they saw a type of me, right. So I deliberation that’s what separates nan UK from nan US for sure.’

Andie’s comments travel aft The Traitors UK prima Kieran Tompsett claimed nan 2 versions can’t beryllium compared, aft they ‘set nan modular truthful high’.

He told Metro.co.uk: ‘A batch of group are comparing each one, and that’s nan problem, I deliberation if you’re comparing it, apples and pears, they’re 2 different things.

‘I deliberation we did group nan modular truthful high, and because it is rather successful adjacent succession pinch each other, it is rather raw, truthful everyone is remembering america and past looking astatine it.’

He added that 5 episodes in, nan US version, which sees nan likes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills prima Brandi Glanville and Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly, is starting to get a ‘little much lively’.

‘It’s very different, truthful you’ve conscionable sewage to spell pinch nan travel and spot really it pans out,’ Kieran continued.

‘A batch of group are saying it’s not really nan same, but they’re excessively different things.’

The Traitors is disposable to watch connected BBC iPlayer.

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