Bali, Indonesia – Bali International Hospital is simply a landmark task wrong nan recently established Healthcare Special Economic Zone successful Sanur. The usability PT Pertamina Bina Medika – Indonesia Healthcare Corporation (IHC), hopes nan building useful will beryllium completed astatine nan extremity of 2023 while nan infirmary is expected to beryllium afloat operational by early 2024.

Built connected a 5.0 Ha onshore (with an approximate 60,000 M2 building aboveground connected 4 floors), nan Bali International Hospital plans 250 beds including 35 intensive attraction units, 8 operating rooms and 4 catheterization laboratories (cath labs) equipped pinch precocious diagnostic imaging devices.

For nan improvement of this world hospital, IHC useful successful synergy pinch Mayo Clinic, nan US-based world organization, that is presently advising connected nan progress, readying and creation of nan early hospital. In a 2nd phase, consulting services will beryllium carried retired successful administrative and operational guidance fields.

First-class overseas aesculapian specialists will beryllium recruited done typical visas pinch a ngo to progressively transportation knowledge and technology.

“Empowered by this business pinch Mayo Clinic, BIH intends astatine opening 5 world people centers of excellence, notably successful nan Cardiology, Oncology and Neurology sectors of captious illnesses management. In addition, Gastro-Hepato (Gastroenterology), and Orthopedics will beryllium aesculapian specialties afloat integrated into this Class A+ Hospital. The caller nationalist institution is planned to beryllium equipped pinch a scope of state-of-the-art devices operated astatine a technological level, specified arsenic artificial intelligence and robotics, ne'er seen earlier successful Indonesia.” said drg. Mira Dyah Wahyuni, MARS President Director of PT Pertamina Bina Medika IHC.

“The Bali International Hospital cooperates pinch Mayo Clinic successful position of building design, governance and culture, aesculapian services, value assurance and academics, pinch a position to positioning quality, information and diligent acquisition astatine nan highest world standards” she added.

World’s Best Hospital (since nan first Newsweek & Statista Inc. Global database publication successful 2019), US Best Hospital for 7 consecutive years, apical classed successful fourteen specialties (US News & World Report), nan Mayo Clinic is nan world’s starring healthcare institution, opinionated retired for its accordant excellence, including distinguished physicians, top-notch nursing care, and state-of-the-art technology. On its 4 awesome campuses successful America, Rochester (Minnesota), Scottsdale & Phoenix (Arizona) and Jacksonville (Florida), Mayo Clinic employs a 73,000-person workforce and welcomes 1.4 cardinal patients each twelvemonth from each 50 US states and 140 countries.

Supported and guided toward achieving operational and business excellence, nan caller Bali infirmary will summation its competitory separator comparative to different location institutions and springiness its early patients nan bid of mind of knowing that their supplier collaborates pinch nan astir trusted world leader successful nan healthcare industry.

Bali International Hospital is committed to heighten nan estimation of nan edifice land arsenic nan starring aesculapian tourism destination successful Indonesia. The institution hopes to beryllium granted pinch continuous spot and support from governments, some astatine provincial and cardinal levels, successful position of reaching communal objectives and raising nan nation’s imaginable done this Bali landmark project.

“At nan end, this infirmary will make a important publication to nan section economical growth. As a state-owned endeavor (BUMN), we look guardant to operating specified a world-class infirmary successful Indonesia” said drg. Mira.