It’s been 10 years since Beyonce’s iconic Super Bowl halftime show – and still no one’s done it better

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It’s an image rather difficult to forget: Beyonce’s silhouette lit up against nan backdrop of orangish pyrotechnics and nan guitar riff of Who Run The World (Girls) to unfastened 1 of nan top performances of nan superstar’s career. 

That was her Super Bowl halftime show capacity 10 years agone coming and I’ll ne'er hide it. 

For me, it was nan very early hours of a Monday greeting connected February 3, 2013, and I was nan first to get astatine nan humble Shoreditch agency of a erstwhile intermezo publication I utilized to activity at. 

I hurriedly switched connected my computer, went consecutive to YouTube and saw what I was looking for instantly – ‘Beyonce headlines Super Bowl halftime show’ was astir nan title of nan video I clicked connected pinch desperation only america BeyHive members could genuinely understand. 

The adjacent 13 minutes were immoderate of nan top I’ve ever seen performed connected a unrecorded stage. 

Even thousands of miles distant from New Orleans wherever nan Super Bowl was being hosted that year, it was easy to consciousness really electrical nan ambiance was astatine nan Mercedes-Benz Superdome, everyone location excitedly waiting to spot a infinitesimal successful euphony history. 

Oh, did I mention location was besides an NFL crippled astatine Beyonce’s concert? 

That’s go nan moving joke complete nan past decade (how has it been a decade?!) because Beyonce owned that shot transportation for illustration it was her very ain stadium gig, and yet, she was only location to execute an excruciatingly planned retired 13-minute show successful nan mediate of America’s biggest sporting event. 

There person been dozens of Super Bowl halftime shows complete nan past fewer decades aliases truthful and nary matter who you talk to, only a fistful ever get mentioned arsenic nan top of each clip – you tin stake overmuch of nan clip Beyonce is successful nan apical two, not two. 

Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston singing nan nationalist anthem are often referred to arsenic nan astir celebrated Super Bowl performances ever, while nan likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and The Who are peculiar fan-favourites. 

But, to authorities nan arguable truth that is nan elephant successful nan room: nary 1 has done it amended since Beyonce headlined successful 2013. 

In nan past 10 years, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Gaga, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, and Dr Dre pinch Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent person commanded nan Super Bowl shape and, while astir were typical successful their ain right, nary person rather created nan magic that Beyonce did each those years ago. 

Hell, Queen Bey moreover had to travel retired to prevention Coldplay’s snooze-fest of a halftime show successful 2016 – and I’m a Coldplay fan. 

Every portion of her capacity was memorable, from nan perfectly curated setlist that included Crazy In Love, Baby Boy and Bootylicious, to Destiny’s Child reuniting for nan first clip since they divided successful 2005 and Beyonce performing her monster deed Single Ladies pinch Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams doing nan iconic creation alongside her. 

In conscionable 13 minutes, she managed to encompass everything that america fans emotion astir her from her ever-incredible choreography, to her relationship pinch Kelly and Michelle and expertise to make america creation for illustration there’s nary tomorrow, and besides singing our bosom retired to affectional ballads for illustration Halo. 

It served, it gave, it was nan best. 

However, adjacent play we’ll beryllium watching different superstar return to nan stage and springiness what promises to beryllium 1 of nan champion performances of their career: Rihanna. 

The Navy person been desperately waiting for RiRi’s return to nan stage, pinch her past medium released successful 2006 and her euphony profession virtually crushed to a halt. Like Beyonce, nan Work vocalist has a wealthiness of hits nether her loop and that typical benignant of shape beingness you can’t rather put your digit on. 

She’s nary uncertainty emotion a immense magnitude of unit fixed it’s been truthful agelong since she past performed unrecorded but, if there’s anyone who tin lucifer Beyonce’s level of greatness, it’s Rihanna and I consciousness beautiful assured she’ll springiness america a show to remember. 

It’s rather symbolic that RiRi is headlining 10 years aft Beyonce’s halftime show – possibly she’ll transmission nan tone of Queen Bey?

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