Italian anarchist’s hunger strike rekindles debate over harsh prison regime

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An Italian rebel connected hunger onslaught complete a harsh situation authorities usually reserved for mafia bosses has said he “just wants to live”, arsenic his supporters reportedly threatened a superior onslaught successful relationship to his case.

Alfredo Cospito has mislaid astir 45kg (7st) since opening his hunger onslaught successful October, and this week he was transferred from a maximum information situation successful Sardinia to Milan’s Opera situation owing to his deteriorating health.

His lawsuit has rekindled a fierce statement successful Italy complete a situation authorities known arsenic 41-bis, which involves solitary confinement successful mini cells for inmates considered to beryllium a consequence moreover from wrong jail.

It has besides provoked a activity of attacks and protests by rebel groups. Digos, Italy’s anti-terrorism constabulary squad, is investigating aft an anonymous telephone was made connected Thursday to nan reception of a section newspaper, Il Resto del Carlino, threatening “a superior attack” successful Bologna.

Cospito, 55, is serving clip for shooting nan leader of an power institution successful nan limb successful 2012, and successful relationship to a 2006 explosive onslaught connected a constabulary academy successful Fossano, a municipality successful Piedmont, which caused nary injuries, arsenic good arsenic different non-fatal attacks.

The segment of an rebel onslaught successful Rome linked to Cospito’s case
The segment of an rebel onslaught successful Rome linked to Cospito’s case. Photograph: Cecilia Fabiano/Rex/Shutterstock

He was moved into 41-bis, besides known arsenic “hard prison”, past May aft allegedly sending messages to chap anarchists urging them to motorboat attacks.

Cospito is thought to beryllium nan only rebel imprisoned nether nan regime, which allows prisoners 1 monthly sojourn from family members and a telephone call. He has appealed to Italy’s ultimate tribunal against his imprisonment successful nan regime, and a proceeding is owed to return spot connected 7 March. However, location are concerns that he could dice earlier nan hearing.

Cospito is continuing his hunger onslaught successful a quest to amended conditions successful 41-bis, according to Michele Usuelli, a expert and location councillor successful Lombardy pinch nan mini leftwing statement +Europa, who visited him successful nan session of nan Opera prison. Prisoners successful nan authorities are banned from reference and person entree only to 3 nationalist power stations. Cospito was prevented from keeping a photograph of his precocious parents successful his cell.

“He was very skinny but besides reactive and could easy guidelines up successful beforehand of maine for 30 minutes from down a barrier,” Usuelli said. “He told maine ‘I want to live’ but astatine nan aforesaid clip he wants to triumph nan conflict and is not acrophobic to die. He agrees that nan authorities is bully for nan information of nan state and that group location shouldn’t pass pinch nan extracurricular world … but he wants much humane treatment.”

Usuelli said he had urged Cospito to condemn nan unit by his chap anarchists and to extremity his hunger onslaught until nan unit ends. In caller days, Cospito’s supporters person torched cars belonging to officials, and acts of vandalism are rising crossed Italy, prompting nan Italian authorities to summation security, including astatine its overseas consulates.

“I told him that if he resumes eating and condemns nan convulsive acts, that would springiness powerfulness to his position,” Usuelli said. “He said he is not needfully happy astir nan things that are happening but that arsenic an rebel he can’t show others what they should do. He said he would deliberation astir it but that arsenic of now he doesn’t consciousness for illustration it.”

The rightwing authorities of nan premier minister, Giorgia Meloni, is refusing to show Cospito immoderate sympathy, saying it would not springiness successful to anyone who threatens nan state. The justness minister, Carlo Nordio, said 41-bis “would not beryllium touched”, adding that nan bid of attacks proved that nan authorities was required.

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