John Lydon ‘shaking’ with fear ahead of Ireland’s Eurovision showdown: ‘I’m terrified of getting it wrong’

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John Lydon has admitted he is tense astir performing, arsenic he gears up to compete to go Ireland’s Eurovision entry.

The 66-year-old formerly known arsenic Johnny Rotten, who erstwhile said he had never watched nan singing title before backtracking, amazed fans by announcing his bid successful January.

The erstwhile Sex Pistol frontman’s, who is joined to Nora Forster, 80, set Public Image Ltd is now among nan six acts competing to correspond nan Emerald Isle astatine nan arena Liverpool this May.

The group will beryllium battling it retired against nan likes of Andrew Carr (also known arsenic ADGY), Jennifer Connolly, Wild Youth, Leila Jane, and nan duo K Muni & ND, made up of Kofi Appiah and Nevlonne Dampare.

The flagship RTE tv programme The Late Late Show will big a typical programme connected Friday nighttime wherever Ireland’s introduction for nan 2023 Eurovision will beryllium selected.

Eurovision hopefuls gathered successful RTE tv studios successful Dublin connected Thursday wherever they met their title and said of their nerves and excitement up of nan action process.

‘This is thing that I watched erstwhile I was young pinch my parents,’ John said of nan contest. ‘I retrieve Johnny Logan, I retrieve Cliff Richard, I retrieve Sandy Shaw – and now Johnny.

‘It’s arsenic bully arsenic immoderate different measurement of listening to music, I don’t person immoderate prejudices astir things for illustration that.’

The popstar added that he chose Ireland ‘because I’m arsenic overmuch Irish arsenic anybody other by blood’.

John has antecedently spoken astir really his opus Hawaii, was dedicated to his woman of astir 50 years who has Alzheimer’s disease.

At nan RTE studios, he added that nan way gives an opportunity to raise consciousness of an unwellness affecting galore people.

He explained: ‘I don’t cognize what I’m going to spell done doing this today. I’m moreover shaking now reasoning astir it.

‘It intends nan world to me, this is our past fewer years of coherence together. And I miss her for illustration mad.

‘I miss my missus, if you support voting for maine I’m going to miss her moreover more.”

John said he was still ‘terrified of mugging it up, getting it wrong, letting group down – mostly letting Nora down’.

John joined Nora, a German publishing heiress who worked successful nan euphony manufacture for nan likes of Jimi Hendrix and The Clash, successful 1979.

The rocker revealed successful 2018 that she had been diagnosed pinch nan progressive condition, which affects aggregate encephalon functions including memory, according to the NHS.

Two years later John said he had go his spouse’s ‘full-time carer’, adding that: ‘For maine nan existent personification is still there. That personification I emotion is still location each infinitesimal of each time and that is my life.’

The Late Late Show airs connected RTE One connected Friday from 9.35pm.

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