Louise Thompson rushed to hospital for surgery after haemorrhaging at home

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Louise Thompson was taken to infirmary for room aft suffering a haemorrhage astatine her London home.

The erstwhile Made In Chelsea star, 32, said earlier this week had been taken into nan attraction of medics aft having been struck by an ‘unexpected situation.’

The fittingness fanatic, who had aggregate traumatic near-fatal incidents aft welcoming babe boy babe Leo-Hunter pinch fellow Ryan Libbey, 32, shared pictures from a ward.

In a caption, she urged fans to situation themselves pinch their loved ones, writing: ‘Oh and without sounding excessively dramatic, show everyone that you emotion them RIGHT NOW.’

On Thursday night, Ryan shared an update pinch his Instagram followers aft nan incident, saying that Louise had been rushed to infirmary to beryllium intimately monitored aft haemorrhaging.

He said: ‘2023 started good for maine and for my family.

‘Last Friday it sewage flipped connected his caput again. Louise haemorrhaged astatine home, again. Rushed to infirmary for room and adjacent monitoring for 4 days.

‘Louise is location now, unchangeable and doing well. She’s a warrior!’

‘Leo has picked up impetigo from nursery. Dad is tired.

‘We were expected to beryllium landing successful St Lucia now for a 2 week break.’

Following nan commencement of her son, Louise revealed nan tot spent his first weeks successful a neonatal intensive attraction portion (NICU) while she spent moreover longer recovering successful big ICU.

Since labour, Louise has spoken openly astir suffering from post-traumatic accent upset (PTSD) and post-natal worry successful updates pinch her followers.

She described nan information as not being capable to person a ‘normal thought’, perpetually reasoning astir ‘death’ and fearing everything successful her house.

‘I couldn’t see, couldn’t smell, couldn’t talk… erstwhile I would talk I would panic because each connection that came retired of my rima didn’t make sense,’ she said previously, admitting that she felt ‘not alive’ and that her encephalon ‘basically unopen down.’

Louise has had galore beingness broadside effects including a lupus diagnosis and suspected Asherman’s syndrome – a uncommon information wherever adhesions build up wrong nan uterus.

In her trauma, Louise has besides described really she knowledgeable panic attacks which near her ‘partially blind’ for an hour, regularly burst into tears and can’t retrieve nan first 5 months of her son’s life.

‘I want to outcry because I was a wholly CRAP parent. I really was and it wasn’t my fault,’ she said.

‘But it didn’t request to beryllium that way. There was nary connection, successful truth I can’t moreover retrieve thing for nan first 5 months of his life.’

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