Love Island’s Ron Hall and Tanyel Revan’s passionate kiss leaves villa ‘uncomfortable’ amid romance speculation

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Love Island stars Ron Hall and Tanyel Revan added substance to nan rumours that there’s much to their ‘friendship’ aft sharing a passionate buss during a challenge. 

There’s been speculation that nan 2 islanders secretly fancy each other contempt Ron’s romance pinch Lana Jenkins and Tanyel antecedently being coupled up pinch Kai. 

Following nan caller recoupling, Ron, 25, chose Tanya, 26, to beryllium successful a ‘friendship’ mates which intends they’ve been sharing a furniture together. 

It seems viewers aren’t nan only ones to person noticed nan sizzling chemistry betwixt nan two, arsenic Olivia Hawkins yet expressed her suspicions astir them pursuing nan kissing situation successful Thursday night’s episode. 

The girls had to pucker up to each of nan boys, who past rated each 1 retired of 10. When it was Tanyel’s move to works a smooch connected nan lads, she appeared to springiness her champion mate Ron a small other attraction – and it did not spell unnoticed. 

Some of nan girls gathered aft nan situation to rumors astir nan besties, pinch Jessie noting: ‘There’s much there. When you’ve sewage that gut feeling, you’ve sewage that gut feeling.’ 

Love Island is backmost for 2023

She added: ‘I’ve been reasoning it since time one.’ 

Olivia weighed in: ‘The buss betwixt Tanyel and Ron lasted conscionable a small spot excessively long.’ 

Tanyel realised she was nan talk of nan villa and defended herself to Samie Elishi, saying: ‘I consciousness comfortable pinch him. It’s a game.’ 

She added successful nan Beach Hut: ‘I don’t cognize why Olivia’s making specified a large woody astir it. I kissed Ron because he’s my champion friend successful present and I felt comfortable to springiness him a due smooch. That’s nan logic why not because I fancy him.’ 

Olivia past pulled Lana for a chat to springiness her a heads up, and said: ‘Watching Tanyel and Ron kiss, I deliberation everyone felt uncomfortable.’ 

Lana admitted: ‘It sewage that agelong that I looked away.’ 

Reacting to nan bombshell kiss, 1 spectator agreed pinch nan islanders and stated: ‘That buss betwixt Ron and Tanyel was suspicious.’

One weighed in: ‘Nah Tanyel and Ron bruv conscionable mates up COS WHAT WAS THAT KISS BRO.’

Another commented: ‘I consciousness for illustration tanyel and ron are gonna do a friends to lovers thing.’

Love Island airs each nighttime astatine 9pm connected ITV2.

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