Love Island’s Shaq Muhammad fumes over Tanya Manhenga’s ‘disrespectful’ behaviour in saucy challenge

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There seems to beryllium problem successful paradise for Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga, aft a Love Island situation near him fuming.

On Thursday’s episode, nan boys were blindfolded and asked to complaint kisses from nan girls, pinch Tanya receiving nan astir points.

She managed to impressment not only her partner Shaq, but besides nan likes of Ron Hall and Kai Fagan, garnering plentifulness of nines and putting her astatine nan apical of nan leaderboard.

Meanwhile, Jessie Wynter, holding backmost laughter done nan challenge, scored a 0.5 from 1 of nan boys while Tanyel Revan ended up pinch a 2.5.

But each successful all, contempt immoderate awkward kisses and sadistic rankings, nan girls seemed to person enjoyed nan situation – but nan aforesaid couldn’t beryllium said for Shaq.

While he was thrilled to person Tanya’s kiss, he later seethed arsenic he recovered retired she had delivered conscionable arsenic passionate kisses to nan remainder of nan boys.

Love Island is backmost for 2023

He began to Ron: ‘Am I overreacting?’

Meanwhile, arsenic connection dispersed information to Tanya that Shaq was angry, she said: ‘If there’s 1 point that will springiness maine nan ick, it’s this. It’s not that deep. That’s truthful petty.’

‘I would deliberation that a feline would impressed that his woman won nan challenge, and everyone gets a sensation of what he gets everyday, each infinitesimal successful bed, but instead, it’s nan different measurement round,’ she added successful nan Beach Hut.

Shaq continued to Ron: ‘There’s a measurement to spell astir it and beryllium respectful, she ain’t respectful.’

‘I ain’t chatting to her,’ he added.

He later fumed to Tom Clare: ‘I’m not speaking to her!’ arsenic nan boys advised him to ‘take immoderate space’.

‘If she each comes to maine and tries to say, it’s a challenge, I’ll conscionable locomotion distant from her,’ he said.

This comes a time aft nan brace said nan 3 magic words: ‘I emotion you’, aft knowing each different for only a fewer weeks.

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‘Everything that’s happened pinch america and really things person progressed. To beryllium honest, conscionable nan measurement I consciousness astir you is conscionable getting stronger and and stronger each day,’ Shaq told her connected Wednesday’s episode.

Giving viewers each nan feels, he added: ‘When I look into your eyes I do spot a full early pinch you. I cognize that what we person is very special.’

‘I emotion you,’ he past whispered earlier Tanya reciprocated nan feeling, telling her man: ‘I emotion you too, babe!’

Will Tanya and Shaq beryllium capable to get complete nan bump successful nan road?

Love Island continues tomorrow nighttime astatine 9pm connected ITV2.

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