Manchester United face a huge decision over Mason Greenwood | Jamie Jackson

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After Mason Greenwood’s attempted rape and battle charges were dropped by nan Crown Prosecution Service connected Thursday, what adjacent for his Manchester United career?

The 21-year-old past pulled connected a squad jersey connected 22 January 2022 astatine Old Trafford, successful a 1-0 triumph complete West Ham. He was arrested later that month, then, successful October, charged pinch attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and battle occasioning existent bodily harm. He denied nan charges.

Greenwood, possibly nan astir talented young footballer astatine United, has had much than a twelvemonth retired of nan first-team image and nan squad whitethorn person mixed feelings astir his return – should he do so.

Greenwood is an guiltless man by rule but United’s connection regarding his early shows location is nary guarantee he will beryllium welcomed back, contempt being contracted until 2025 (the nine has nan action of different year) and a multimillion-pound asset.

It said: “Manchester United notes nan determination of nan Crown Prosecution Service that each charges against Mason Greenwood person been dropped. The nine will now behaviour its ain process earlier determining adjacent steps. We will not make immoderate further remark until that process is complete.”

Greenwood will not return to training arsenic nan nine activity to understand amended nan circumstances of nan charges, successful a process pinch nary timeframe.

There is simply a civilized magnitude that nan club, players and Erik 10 Hag whitethorn wrestle pinch and nan tribunal of nationalist opinion, which neither United nor Greenwood tin affect. A sizeable constituency of fans who publication astir nan lawsuit and heard nan recordings and saw nan videos that formed portion of nan grounds against him will person their ain view.

This adds up to nan latest situation of Ten Hag’s nascent tenure. As his demotion of Cristiano Ronaldo arsenic a first-team starter and his later removal of nan Portuguese for stepping retired of October’s triumph complete Tottenham illustrate, nan head tin beryllium decisive, shown excessively by his discarding of United’s captain, Harry Maguire, from nan XI.

The Greenwood mobility is markedly different, though. And it is judge not to beryllium solely Ten Hag’s telephone arsenic nan nine considers its values, really nan image of an institution should beryllium perceived and commercialized imperatives. Ten Hag’s decisions regarding Ronaldo (initially) and Maguire were sporting ones. Time had caught up pinch nan 37-year-old and nan centre-back’s gait is not up to what nan head requires.

A position extracurricular Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium earlier a lucifer past month.
A position extracurricular Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium earlier a lucifer past month. Photograph: Paul Currie/Rex/Shutterstock

There is zero uncertainty regarding Greenwood’s expertise pinch a shot astatine his feet. At only 21 he could beryllium a fixture for United for nan adjacent decade and more. But earlier Ten Hag – and nan nine – is simply a civilized poser, and for United’s finance section and marque builders, really each of these could beryllium affected if he is retained. Should he beryllium retained Greenwood mightiness person his ain statement astir really it will beryllium to look nan surely changeless chants connected each lucifer time (for nan foreseeable future, astatine least) aimed astatine him by guidance fans contempt his lawsuit being dropped. If Greenwood is discarded by his boyhood club, nan aforesaid equation comes wherever he lands astatine successful Britain, truthful a move overseas could beryllium explored.

How fresh Greenwood will beryllium if and erstwhile he returns is different issue, though not, primarily, pinch respect to being successful nan optimum beingness state. That tin beryllium regained comparatively simply via training and crippled time, but Greenwood’s framework of mind is unknown.

Whatever determination United return will nonstop a connection that will beryllium received variously. Greenwood issued a statement: “I americium relieved that this matter is now complete and I would for illustration to convey my family, loved ones and friends for their support. There will beryllium nary further remark astatine this time.”

Whether location will beryllium immoderate further playing clip for United remains successful nan balance.

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