Massive T-Mobile Data Breach, Smartphone RAM Explained, and Parental Controls for Phones and Tablets

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Our tech podcast for technophobes tackles parental power package and whether your telephone has capable RAM.

Parental power of children

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This week's podcast considers nan effect of nan caller T-Mobile information breach, whether we'll ever spot nan Tesla Cybertruck, and really overmuch RAM your smartphone really needs. There is besides a look astatine parental power package for phones and tablets.

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This week, we chat astir nan pursuing tech news that matters:

  • New Cryptocurrency Scam Uncovered, Targets Shiba Inu
  • Tesla Cybertruck Delays Confirmed By Musk
  • Massive T-Mobile Data Breach Affects 37 Million Customers
  • Meta Unblocks Donald Trump's Instagram and Facebook Accounts

We've sewage these tips and tricks:

  • How Much RAM Does Your Smartphone Need?
  • Best Parental Control Apps for Phones and Tablets

We decorativeness nan show pinch nan pursuing recommendations:

  • GoldenEye 007 making-of documentary
  • Factorio connected Steam

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