Mum buys Cheshire home and sells it three months later making a £18,000 profit

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A female has shared really she made a £18,000 profit aft trading her caller location aft conscionable 3 months – simply by tidying nan plot and removing nan furniture.

Mother-of-five Nikki – who appeared connected BBC’s Homes Under nan Hammer this week – said astir her acquisition of flipping her three-bed semi detached property.

When Nikki bought nan Cheshire location for £215,000 astatine auction it was dated pinch old-fashioned décor and besides had a ‘quirky’ and ‘unusual’ layout. 

Initially, Nikki wanted to toggle shape nan full location but she past decided to hole it up and put it backmost connected nan market.

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The mum had hoped to spell bigger pinch her renonations, pinch nan purpose of adding an hold complete nan car shed to create different chamber and bath – each pinch a fund of £40,000 and a timeline of six months.

But Nikki, who useful full-time, soon recovered she didn’t person nan clip to transportation retired these plans – truthful decided to waste her location instead.

She donated nan furnishings that she cleared retired to a formerly-homeless female moving into her first level and gave nan spot and plot a facelift.

Nikki revealed that she sold nan location for £235,000 (£20,000 much than what she paid for it) – making her a profit of £18,000 erstwhile taking into relationship nan £2,000 she spent connected tidying up nan garden.

The mum-of-five said: ‘It conscionable goes to show, pinch very small spend, if you bargain successful nan correct location, bully schools, section amenities, bargain astatine nan correct price, location is still money to beryllium made connected houses, moreover if you do thing to them.

‘I’m ever looking for properties for sale, I’m ever looking astatine nan auction sites. So hopefully I will find different small 1 very shortly.’

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