Mum gives birth to twins who were conceived five days apart after getting pregnant while already pregnant

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When mum-to-be Odalis Martinez De La O had a gestation scan she was successful for a daze – not only was she pregnant pinch twins, but they were conceived almost a week apart.

Odalis, 26, fell pregnant pinch her first babe connected nan past time of her menstrual cycle – earlier she conceived again 5 days later.

The arena is called superfetation and is incredibly uncommon – astonishing moreover Odalis’ ain doctors.

Thankfully, her gestation went smoothly and twins Lilo and Imelda were calved successful August 2021.

Odalis, a programme manager, from San Francisco, California, US, said: ‘I was decidedly shocked.

‘Firstly, because it was twins, and secondly, processing nan truth that they were conceived 5 days apart.

‘I’ve ne'er really known really twins activity truthful I didn’t cognize that could hap – it was a really awesome surprise.

‘We had a miscarriage nan first clip we tried, truthful getting nan news that it was 2 was beautiful.

‘All my family were asking really that tin happen, we were each truthful shocked.

‘It’s bully accusation to cognize about. I’m telling each my friends to beryllium observant now!’

Odalis and her husband, Antonio, 32, a assemblage programme director, recovered retired their daughters were conceived astatine different times successful January 2021.

During a cheque up, they were told that Lilo and Imelda, now one, were ‘measuring differently’ and had been conceived astatine different times.

‘I deliberation moreover nan ultrasound caregiver was a spot confused too, but did her champion to normalise nan situation,’ said Odalis.

Lilo was conceived first, pinch Imelda five days later – and contempt not being identical twins, Odalis says group deliberation they look alike.

‘I tin decidedly show them apart, but they person immoderate days wherever they look highly alike,’ she said.

Even now, arsenic nan girls’ get older, medics are amazed by really they came into nan world.

Upon taking nan twins to their first aesculapian appointment, Odalis was met pinch confusion.

She said: ‘It was a student expert that came and said to us.

‘I said nan babies were conceived 5 days isolated and she was confused. She went and sewage nan elder expert and moreover she asked, “What do you mean?”

‘She said she hadn’t heard of it.

Odalis took to TikTok to stock her uncommon experience, wherever nan video racked up complete 1.5 cardinal views and attracted plentifulness of liking – pinch different users sharing their ain stories.

‘Yes. excavation are 14 days isolated some girls 2 different dads – effort explaining that,’ wrote 1 commenter.

Another said: ‘I didn’t cognize you could conceive twins days apart!! TikTok teaches maine thing caller everyday.’

Whilst a 3rd added: ‘What! I had nary thought this was possible.’

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