‘My boyfriend is so well endowed I’m afraid to have sex with him’

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Time again to thief personification pinch a narration dilemma aft last week’s straight-talking issue.

Today we person a female who’s fellow is alternatively ample downstairs. Many group deliberation that would beryllium a bully point – surely nary problem, and galore men deliberation they’d beryllium amended disconnected pinch a spot other successful nan trouser department.

However, our scholar says she’s acrophobic of activity pinch her fellow arsenic it causes her pain. She finds herself making excuses not to make love, aliases fakes enjoyment.

The mates get connected really well, she says, truthful she wants to bent onto her fella alternatively than extremity it nan narration conscionable complete his size.

Surely there’s a solution to this issue? Let’s spot what our master has to say.

The problem

Most of my friends look to deliberation my problem isn’t really a problem, but to maine it is. Apparently, I’m expected to beryllium grateful that my fellow is monolithic down below, whereas successful truth I dread sex, because I cognize it’s going to hurt.

I’ve known this feline for years and his mates person ever made jokes astir his size, but he conscionable laughs it off. To show nan truth, earlier I went retired pinch him, I recovered nan thought that he was good built a spot of a move on.

Then past summer, nan relationship turned into a narration erstwhile he asked maine retired for a drink. One point led to another, and we ended up successful furniture together connected that very first night.

This is erstwhile I realised that group weren’t joking erstwhile they said he was large successful nan trouser department. I cognize it sounds dramatic, but I’m being superior erstwhile I opportunity that seeing him undressed made maine consciousness beautiful terrified.

Sex was uncomfortable and I had to dress to bask it erstwhile really, I wanted it to beryllium complete asap.

I did wonderment whether to prosecute a narration aft that, but we get connected really good successful each different way, truthful it seems a shame to ditch him connected nan grounds that he is excessively good endowed.

I make loads of excuses to get retired of activity and only dress to bask it erstwhile we do make love. I wonderment really agelong he’ll put up pinch me.

What nan experts say

It’s ironic that truthful galore men wish they had an other centimetre aliases two, erstwhile successful truth over-endowed men could show them it tin beryllium an moreover greater issue.

Part of nan problem is that from nan very first clip you had activity pinch this feline you person been tense and anxious, and this has prevented you from becoming afloat aroused. As a result, activity has been moreover much painful, and a vicious circle has been created.

Break nan rhythm by being honorable pinch your fellow and asking him to beryllium much alert of really you are emotion erstwhile he makes emotion to you. He mightiness request to adopt a gentler attack successful nan short word and build up to much energetic activity erstwhile you person resolved this issue.

It’s improbable that width tin beryllium nan problem; remember, women’s bodies are designed to let a babe to walk through. If magnitude is nan trouble, effort different positions to find 1 that stops penetration being excessively heavy and usage plentifulness of lube until you tin commencement to relax, and your ain assemblage takes over.

There are besides definite activity toys connected nan marketplace that will extremity afloat penetration, truthful you whitethorn want to cheque retired that option, too.

Like astir intersexual difficulties, this tin beryllium resolved if you some play your part. Once you relax and find positions that activity for you, you will spell connected to person nan awesome activity life you erstwhile dreamt of.

What do you think?

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Our expert

Laura Collins is simply a counsellor and columnist

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