Myst Mobile Brings the Legendary Point-and-Click Adventure to Phones - CNET

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The legendary point-and-click escapade crippled Myst is coming to iPhones conscionable successful clip for nan game's 30th anniversary. 

Myst captivated a procreation of '90s gamers pinch its lush environments, intriguing (yet occasionally frustrating) puzzles and heavy lore. Bringing nan slow-paced gameplay to iOS makes consciousness fixed nan fame of different thought-provoking puzzle titles for illustration The Witness, and it's moreover free-to-play for nan first land area. If you want to progress, you tin bargain nan afloat crippled successful nan App Store for $14.99/£12.99.

There's nary patient merchandise day for Myst Mobile yet, though nan property merchandise announcing nan crippled did mention processing nan larboard to observe 30 years since Washington-based workplace Cyan launched nan original backmost successful 1993. The workplace remade Myst successful nan Unreal Engine for modern M1 chip-powered Macs past year, which is nan type that'll beryllium coming to iPhones and iPads, and it's been adjusted to activity connected M2 chips successful nan latest iPad Pro tablets.

It's unclear if aliases erstwhile nan crippled will travel to Android devices; Cyan didn't respond to a petition for comment. 

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