Neil Robertson back to full fitness after illness frustrations so far this season

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Neil Robertson is fresh and firing again astatine nan German Masters aft a frustrating clip pinch unwellness saw his hopes dashed astatine a drawstring of large events.

The world number 5 went to nan UK Championship and nan Masters arsenic 1 of nan favourites but 2 abstracted bouts of unwellness made it intolerable to find thing for illustration apical shape and he fell early astatine some Triple Crown events.

Still recovering erstwhile he sewage to nan World Grand Prix past month, nan Australian again mislaid early on, truthful it has been a difficult clip for him this season, though he has besides reached 3 semi-finals astatine Home Nations events.

Those wellness problems are down him now, though, and he is successful Berlin hoping to triumph his first title of nan season.

The 40-year-old hit Joe Perry successful nan past 32 to group up a past 16 conflict pinch Shoot Out champion Chris Wakelin and he is itching to drawstring a tally of wins together aft a very annoying time.

‘Nice to triumph and bully to beryllium 100 per cent fresh for erstwhile this year. Obviously nan UK was hard, nan Masters and Grand Prix was really difficult,’ Robertson said aft beating Perry 5-3 connected Thursday.

‘The first 1 astatine nan UK was a really bad virus, akin to nan flu but not rather arsenic bad, but still almost intolerable to play adjacent 50 aliases 60 per cent.

‘Then nan Masters, if it was immoderate different arena I would person pulled out, it was a mega struggle.

‘I was really happy pinch my application, gave it a really bully spell and won a fewer frames [losing 6-4 to Shaun Murphy], which I was really proud pinch myself about.

‘In those benignant of situations you person to bespeak connected nan positives and not bemoan your luck aliases anything, you’ve still sewage to effort and fight, which I deliberation I showed successful nan Masters.

‘I was still recovering astatine nan Grand Prix, truthful it’s unfortunate to person it during a fewer monolithic events, but I’m not going to kick astir my luck because past play things fell my measurement a fewer times, that’s conscionable nan measurement your profession goes.

‘You’re going to person bad luck and it’s astir taking advantage erstwhile things autumn for you. I’m 100 per cent now which is really bully and looking guardant for nan remainder of nan season.’

Having seen unwellness scupper his chances astatine nan first 2 Triple Crown events of nan season, Robertson is already turning his attraction to nan World Championship, which is now little than 3 months away.

One affirmative of his wellness troubles complete nan wintertime is that location will beryllium nary mobility of burnout from excessively overmuch snooker erstwhile Sheffield rolls around, and nan Aussie is emotion primed for a complaint successful nan business extremity of nan season.

‘There’s decidedly not going to beryllium immoderate benignant of thoughts aliases mention of that [burnout] astatine all, starring up to nan World Championships, I consciousness great, I’m playing awesome successful practice.

‘Everything’s each there, it will conscionable beryllium bully to drawstring a fewer results together starring into nan World Championships, which is nan main attraction now.’

Robertson takes connected Wakelin astatine 1pm connected Friday for a spot successful nan German Masters quarter-finals.

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