New Book: Life of The Promised Messiah (as)

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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

This booklet is different summation to nan bid of books for children astir salient figures successful Islam. This mini booklet narrates specifications of nan life of nan Promised Messiah(as) and his family successful a very loving and informal style recounting events from his life that are judge to captivate nan attraction of nan reader, some young and old. As a mini child, he utilized to play pinch his relative and erstwhile said to her, ‘Pray for maine that God grants maine Salat.’ This condemnation reveals nan awesome desire nan Promised Messiah(as) had for offering his Prayers, and nan truth that he asked God Almighty for nan expertise to do truthful affirms that from a very young age, he firmly believed that nan expertise to do bully deeds could beryllium acquired only done God’s Grace.

The believe of nan Promised Messiah(as) during his puerility and younker was specified that he would walk astir of his clip secluded successful nan believe of God. Due to this, his begetter utilized to telephone him a maseetarh (one who spends astir of his clip successful a mosque). His begetter would perpetually interest astir his future. He wanted nan Promised Messiah(as) to return an liking successful worldly affairs and to create connections pinch people. He would interest that others mightiness origin nan Promised Messiah(as) harm owed to his innocence. However, God Almighty had already taken him nether His care; hence, his puerility passed successful this manner. God Himself guides and helps nan 1 who starts connected a travel towards Him.

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