Nick Carter countersues two women who accused him of sexual assault for ‘destroying innocent lives’

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Nick Carter is countersuing 2 women who person accused him of intersexual assault.

The Backstreet Boys star, 43, is facing charges of intersexual battery, including against a female named Shannon Ruth, who claims he sexually assaulted her successful 2001 erstwhile she was 17.

Ruth, who is autistic and has cerebral palsy, reportedly states successful her suit that she contracted HPV, and is seeking damages for an chartless amount.

Musician Melissa Schuman, a erstwhile performer pinch popular group Dream, besides accused him of rape successful 2017.

Carter has denied each nan accusations against him, and has now reportedly revenge a countersuit against nan pair.

According to documents obtained by People Magazine, Carter claims some women launched a conspiracy to ‘defame and vilify him’ successful portion owed to garner ‘attention’ aliases to extort money from him.

The Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) vocalist labelled nan women arsenic ‘opportunist’ and accused them of taking advantage of nan #MeToo activity to extort money from him.

He claims Ruth and Schuman intended to ‘destroy guiltless lives’ pinch their accusations and says he has mislaid much than £2.3million since nan suit was revenge by Ruth successful December past year.

The documents besides look to declare that nan women are moving together, arsenic he accuses Schuman and her father, Jerome Schuman, of grooming nan ‘vulnerable’ and ‘impressionable’ Ruth, who is described successful ineligible documents arsenic personification ‘craving attraction and hopeless to fresh in.’

Carter besides claims he does not judge he has ever moreover met Ruth, who accused him of taking her to his circuit autobus aft picking her from an autograph line, and giving her a portion containing intoxicant earlier assaulting her.

His younger relative Aaron Carter, who died past twelvemonth aged 34, is besides mentioned successful nan suit arsenic Carter accuses nan Schumans of ‘exploiting’ him while he was ‘addicted to narcotics [and] battling superior intelligence wellness issues.’

Carter claims Aaron apologised to him earlier his decease arsenic he allegedly realised he was being used.

He says he hopes countersuing nan women will thief him to clear his name.

The documents went on: ‘Just arsenic existent victims of intersexual battle person nan correct to activity justness and beryllium heard, truthful excessively do persons falsely accused of intersexual battle person nan correct to owed process of rule and to take sides themselves by speaking nan truth.’

Fellow Backstreet Boys prima AJ McLean precocious confirmed nan set were supporting Carter, saying they ‘all guidelines down Nick and we each afloat support him.’

Carter has ever denied nan allegations, pinch his lawyer Michael Holtz saying astir Ruth: ‘‘Unfortunately, for respective years now, Ms. Ruth has been manipulated into making mendacious allegations astir Nick – and those allegations person changed many times and materially complete time.

‘No 1 should beryllium fooled by a property stunt orchestrated by an opportunistic lawyer – location is thing to this declare whatsoever, which we person nary uncertainty nan courts will quickly realise.’

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