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OpenAI labor frighten to time off aft CEO Sam Altman's ouster. Dexter Wade, nan Mississippi man first buried successful a pauper's field, gets his ain funeral. And Nikki Haley's connection connected abortion seems to beryllium resonating pinch GOP voters.

Here's what to cognize today.

Inside Israel’s concealed aerial war

Day and night, according to Palestinians, a sound echoes supra Khan Younis, nan largest metropolis successful confederate Gaza. The sound isn’t nan detonation of a explosive dropped by an Israeli jet. It’s nan debased hum of Israeli drones circling overhead. As civilians fly bluish Gaza, nan attraction of world attraction — and nan fears of galore Palestinians — is really Israel whitethorn costs warfare successful confederate Gaza. The focus, successful particular, is connected airstrikes. 

Israeli officials, including 2 active-duty drone pilots who said to NBC News, said they travel exacting procedures to minimize civilian casualties. An Israel Defense Forces subject lawyer must motion disconnected connected each onslaught aft a reappraisal of intelligence. And pilots must behaviour real-time analyses of imaginable civilian deaths. 

Critics of Israel’s strategies reason nan sheer measurement of airstrikes it has conducted successful specified densely populated areas is worrying, and immoderate opportunity it could break world law. In nan first week of nan conflict nan IDF dropped 6,000 bombs successful Gaza. In 2019, nan U.S. dropped 7,400 bombs successful Afghanistan complete nan people of an full year. 

IDF officials granted our journalists entree to a subject drone guidelines southbound of Tel Aviv arsenic NBC looks inside Israel’s concealed aerial warfare connected Gaza and nan West Bank. 

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More connected nan Israel-Hamas war:

  • Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said this greeting that nan group is “close to reaching a truce agreement” pinch Israel. News reports quoting Hamas and Israeli officials outlined a imaginable woody that would see a cease-fire, and astatine slightest 50 Israeli and world hostages freed on pinch Palestinian women and children detained successful Israel released successful exchange. Follow unrecorded updates here.

OpenAI’s early seems to beryllium successful limbo

OpenAI, nan institution down nan artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, is facing an worker exodus arsenic nan fallout from nan board’s ouster of CEO Sam Altman continues. As of yesterday, much than 740 of OpenAI’s 770 labor person signed a missive saying they would resign and perchance subordinate Microsoft. The missive was shown to OpenAI’s board, a spokesperson for nan institution said.

For now, nan institution has a caller interim CEO: Emmett Shear, a co-founder of nan streaming level Twitch, which he near successful March. In nan months since, Shear’s societal media beingness has taken a freewheeling approach. He’s criticized Microsoft, weighed successful connected gender authorities and moreover engaged successful chat astir OpenAI’s firing of Altman earlier his ain appointment. Critics are wondering if nan institution did its owed diligence.

Dexter Wade finally gets nan ceremonial he was denied

Bettersten Wade wiped tears from her look arsenic she stood earlier a ruby reddish casket astatine a Jackson, Mississippi, yesterday afternoon. “Dexter,” she said, choking up, “you made it home.”

Bettersten Wade wasn’t only addressing nan civilian authorities leaders and loved ones who attended her son’s funeral. She was besides addressing a nationalist audience, arsenic nan ceremonial was livestreamed. 

Bettersten spent months looking for Dexter Wade aft he went missing successful March. In precocious August, officers revealed Dexter had been struck by a Jackson constabulary cruiser little than an hr aft he’d near home, past buried successful a pauper’s section aft authorities had grounded to scope his adjacent of kin. The lawsuit sparked nationalist outrage erstwhile NBC News’ Jon Schuppe reported astir it past month. Since then, he’s followed Bettersten Wade’s efforts to hide her son.

Elon Musk escalates conflict against his critics

Elon Musk-led X is suing Media Matters for America and 1 of its unit members complete an investigative study nan progressive watchdog statement published saying Nazi contented ran connected nan X app alongside advertisements from awesome corporations. The suit accuses Media Matters of manufacturing nan images featured successful an article published past week pinch nan volition of harming X’s advertizing sales. In consequence to nan suit, Media Matters President Angelo Carusone said nan suit was “frivolous.”

The lawsuit is a awesome escalation of a fight involving Musk, his critics and X’s shaky narration pinch advertisers. The conflict first intensified past week erstwhile Musk published comments connected X embracing a conspiracy mentation that galore see antisemitic, starring galore companies to propulsion their ads from X.

Politics successful Brief

Abortion: In Republicans' hunt for a messenger connected abortion, galore voters are getting down statesmanlike campaigner Nikki Haley, whose views distinctly opposition Trump.  

NBC News poll: American voters crossed statement lines support more funding to bolster information astatine nan confederate border, while support for overseas countries astatine warfare exposes stark partisan divides, according to a caller poll.

2024 debates: The dates and locations of nan statesmanlike debates for adjacent year’s wide predetermination person been announced, starting successful Texas connected Sept. 16. 

Voting rights: A ruling by judges successful a national appeals court threatens to gut nan Voting Rights Act, and nan lawsuit is apt to beryllium challenged successful nan Supreme Court

Biden’s birthday: President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday carrying retired an yearly White House tradition. He also confused Taylor Swift pinch Britney Spears.

Staff Pick: Haunted by unknowns

One of nan six suspects successful a drug-induced robbery strategy that mostly targeted NYC cheery bars was sentenced to 9 years successful authorities situation yesterday. Authorities said nan yearslong crime ringing included 16 victims and led to 2 of their deaths.

I’ve been covering this communicative since nan outpouring of 2022, and my latest reporting took maine to nan Rikers Island jailhouse complex, wherever I was nan first journalist to question and reply Eddie Ashley conscionable up of his sentencing. My conversations pinch Ashley, nan victims who survived nan crime ringing and nan families of nan men who died — on pinch documents obtained from prosecutors — provide caller penetration into really nan crime strategy unfolded and stress really galore questions still remain. — Matt Lavietes, NBC OUT reporter

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