Nine places to learn about LGBTQ+ history in the UK

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February marks LGBTQ+ history month.

Since launching successful 2004, nan full thought of nan month-long ceremony is to summation nan visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and different LGBTQ+ group – arsenic good arsenic radiance a ray connected humanities LGBTQ+ events, communities and individuals.

The taxable for this twelvemonth is Behind The Lens, celebrating LGBTQ+ peoples’ publication to cinema – but it goes without saying that location are truthful galore different ways you tin people nan month, not conscionable done film.

From museums and tours to state houses, location are a number of ways to immerse yourself successful LGBTQ+ history successful nan UK.

We’ve rounded up some, each designed to observe and educate.

Queer Britain Museum, London

This venue successful nan superior is nan UK’s first museum dedicated to LGBTQ+ group – truthful is simply a awesome spot to start.

Queer Britain’s head antecedently said he hopes nan depository tin enactment arsenic ‘a spot wherever nan organization tin look backmost astatine their past and understand wherever they’ve travel from, successful bid to understand who they are now’.

The introductory exhibition, We Are Queer Britain, marks nan 50th day of nan UK’s first Pride March and showcases activism, art, civilization and societal history covering complete 100 years.

Be judge to cheque retired other February events successful London to people LGBTQ+ history month, too.

Bishopsgate Institute, London

Bishopsgate Institute’s Special Collections and Archives holds 1 of nan astir extended collections connected LGBTQ+ history, authorities and civilization successful nan UK – from nan precocious 19th period onwards.

The room is brimming pinch 10,000 LGBTQ+ titles – including world papers, biographies, fabrication and poesy – on pinch complete 700 diary titles. So there’s plentifulness to get stuck into.

National Trust spots, nationwide

There’s tons of LGBTQ+ history to uncover astatine various National Trust spots crossed nan UK. 

Wightwick Manor successful Wolverhampton, for example, holds 10 paintings by Pre-Raphaelite cheery creator Simeon Solomon. While different UK locations location useful by LGBTQ+ creatives and trailblazing figures.

It’s worthy pointing retired that successful 2020, nan Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG) launched nan Queer Heritage and Collections Network alongside nan National Trust and different institutions, pinch nan purpose of sharing knowledge, skills, expertise and champion believe crossed nationalist and location practice sites.

LGBTQ+ tours of nan Burrell, Glasgow

The Burrell Collection depository successful Glasgow is offering free one-hour tours to people this year’s LGBTQ+ history month.

Visitors will beryllium capable to research nan museum’s Chinese art, medieval treasures and paintings by artists – specified arsenic Manet, Cézanne and Degas – from an LGBTQ+ perspective.

The Identity Project, Brighton

This task by ​award-winning British photographer Chris Jepson, explores what it intends to place arsenic a personnel of nan LGBTQ+ organization today.

In total, 90 black-and-white portraits of group from each walks of life dress up nan accumulation – including’s erstwhile impermanent editor Dr Ranj, Lizzie Lawton and Jason Jones.

LGBTQ+ History Month Literary Salon, Manchester

Dive into nan histories and texts that person inspired and empowered LGBTQ+ group complete nan hundreds of years astatine nan Portico Library successful Manchester this month.

Abbi Parcell and Ruby Seddon-Wilson are starring nan session, connected February 11, and promote guests to bring a book that’s inspired them.

LGBT+ History Month – Behind nan Lens, Warrington

To people this year’s theme, this arena successful Warrington shows really creation and nan ocular arts tin assistance pinch raising consciousness astir LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Short films by Lucas Rodrigues and Jace Traynor-Barry will beryllium discussed and Craig Sherwood is group to springiness a talk connected nan life and bequest of British cheery manner designer, Ossie Clark.

Chiswick House, London

Chiswick House is brimming pinch LGBTQ+ history – chiefly arsenic it was location to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire – who had a number of affairs pinch women, each documented done letters.

She and her hubby moreover entered into a polyamorous narration pinch Lady Elizabeth Foster, who they invited to unrecorded pinch them.

Pay a sojourn to find retired more.

History Month 2023 Film Series, London

To people this year’s theme, nan Cinema Museum successful Kennington will beryllium hosting 5 evenings of films directed by LGBTQ+ film-makers – pinch a Q&A aft each screening.

The line-up for this twelvemonth includes It Is Not nan Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But nan Society successful Which He Lives, An Evening of Shorts by Rosie Adamson-Clark and A Woman Is a Woman.

LGBT+ History Month

February is LGBT+ History Month successful nan UK - a four-week ceremony of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and non-binary history, and nan pioneers of nan LGBT+ community. 

The taxable for 2023 is ‘Behind The Lens’ - celebrating nan publication of nan organization to nan world of film, from board to screenwriters, from costume designers to typical effects artists. 

At - good beryllium highlighting untold stories from LGBT+ history, shedding ray connected events during nan month, and featuring first-person reflections

You tin find our latest LGBT+ History Month contented here.

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