Paul Ince believes Mason Mount should seek ‘new challenge’ after Chelsea’s January spending spree

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Paul Ince believes Mason Mount could use from seeking a ‘new challenge’ distant from Chelsea aft nan Blues’ dense spending continued successful January.

Mount has made astir 200 appearances for Chelsea since breaking into nan first-team successful 2019, helping nan Blues triumph nan Champions League 2 years ago.

The 24-year-old has been a champion successful Chelsea’s broadside complete nan past 4 seasons but is enduring 1 of his much underwhelming campaigns, scoring 3 goals successful 27 appearances successful each competitions.

Former Manchester United and England midfielder Ince believes Mount has gone ‘stale’ astatine Stamford Bridge and has suggested he should time off Chelsea.

Chelsea proprietor Todd Boehly continued his spending spree during nan January transportation window, splashing retired almost £300m connected nan likes of Enzo Fernandez and Mykhailo Mudryk.

Ince anticipates a ‘rejig’ astatine Chelsea pursuing nan arrivals and says Mount could look to move connected and hunt for a ‘new challenge’ distant from westbound London.

‘It’s a funny 1 really because 2 years agone Mason Mount was bang successful form, everyone was raving astir him and he was a cert to commencement for England,’ Ince told BoyleSports.

‘Since nan alteration of manager, he’s mislaid his measurement and Chelsea are trying to motion anyone they tin astatine nan infinitesimal truthful there’s going to beryllium a rejig astatine Stamford Bridge.

‘Sometimes it’s bully to person a caller situation because sometimes you tin spell old if you enactment astatine 1 nine for excessively long. Mount is astatine an property wherever he needs to beryllium playing each week. He’s a very talented player.’

Following different engaged transportation window, Chelsea leader Graham Potter believes his squad are ‘ready to attack’ successful nan 2nd half of nan season.

The Blues person struggled nether nan erstwhile Brighton head and beryllium conscionable 10th successful nan Premier League up of Friday’s conflict pinch Fulham.

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‘It’s not nan magnitude you walk connected its ain that gets success, it’s much than that,’ Potter said.

‘We person sewage a batch of really bully players and we person to create an situation wherever they push each other, supply patient title and are fresh to play.

‘There will beryllium immoderate awkward conversations but that’s nan reality of wherever we are. Only 11 tin play, only a definite magnitude tin beryllium successful squads truthful we conscionable request to beryllium honest, transparent and respectful.

‘We’ve learned a batch this season, gained a batch of spot and are fresh to onslaught nan 2nd half of nan play pinch positivity.’

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