Paul Ince hits out at ‘lack of respect’ shown by Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United staff

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Paul Ince was disappointed by a perceived ‘lack of respect’ shown to him by Erik 10 Hag and his unit erstwhile he took his Reading broadside to Manchester United successful nan FA Cup past month.

The erstwhile Red Devils prima watched his broadside suffer 3-1 astatine Old Trafford, and while things were perfectly friends betwixt nan managers and unit connected nan touchline, Ince was expecting a spot much hospitality aft nan game.

The erstwhile England midfielder thought he would beryllium sharing a portion pinch nan guidance unit post-match, arsenic traditions dictates, but ne'er sewage nan invite.

He did spell and spot his erstwhile head Alex Ferguson for a post-game tipple, but thought it was disrespectful and disappointing that nary of nan existent United unit offered him an induce for a solid of vino aliases a mug of tea.

‘I went consecutive up to spot Sir Alex because I sewage a matter from him afterwards to opportunity “come up and spot me”,’ Ince explained.

‘So myself, my woman and [son] Thomas went up location and spent an hr pinch him. It disappointed maine because nary of nan United unit asked maine successful for a solid of wine. I didn’t for illustration that, it’s a deficiency of respect.

‘Whoever it is, win, suffer aliases draw, you opportunity popular successful for a drink. Whether it’s vino aliases beverage it doesn’t really matter. None of their unit did that truthful that was disappointing.

‘I couldn’t springiness a monkey’s but I conscionable pridefulness it connected myself, arsenic a manager, whether aliases not you get beaten, you opportunity travel successful for a solid of wine.’

Ten Hag is improbable to beryllium reasoning astir nan rumor arsenic he prepares his United broadside for an highly engaged schedule coming up, starting pinch Crystal Palace astatine location successful nan Premier League connected Saturday afternoon.

After beating Nottingham Forest successful nan 2nd limb of nan Carabao Cup semi-final connected Wednesday night, United person 7 much matches by nan extremity of February, including 2 legs against Barcelona successful nan Europa League.

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