Pre-Safe by Mercedes-Benz: Ahead of the Safety Game

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Passenger information is simply a apical privilege for car manufacturers, and they are ever looking for ways to amended it. Mercedes' "Pre-Safe" strategy is 1 specified example. But, what precisely is "Pre-Safe" and really does it support you safe connected nan road?

Discover nan precocious exertion down this revolutionary information characteristic and find retired really it tin springiness you bid of mind while driving.

Which Mercedes Models Have Pre-Safe?

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The Pre-Safe strategy is disposable arsenic a modular aliases optional characteristic connected a scope of luxury Mercedes vehicles, including sedans, roadsters, and SUVs.

The pursuing models connection Pre-Safe: A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLA, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, SLC, and SL-Class.

Check pinch nan car trader to corroborate if nan Mercedes you are readying to get is equipped pinch nan Pre-Safe system. You whitethorn besides want to inquire astir nan "Automatic Valet System". If you're interested, you tin publication our article astir Bosch-Mercedes Automatic Valet System for much information.

Now let's dive successful to cognize much astir nan functionality of Pre-Safe.

Understanding nan Functionality of Mercedes Pre-Safe

Pre-Safe is simply a characteristic that utilizes a web of sensors to observe imaginable clang situations. When it detects irregularities specified arsenic swerving aliases skidding, it instantly responds pinch a bid of measures to heighten rider protection. These automatic reactions activity together to trim and forestall further injuries from an accident. So, let's study much astir Pre-Safe.

If you're curious, location are much automated conveyance information technologies to publication about.

Pre-Safe Brake

The Pre-Safe Brake characteristic uses radar sensors to observe stopped aliases slowing postulation up and automatically initiates up to 40% braking powerfulness if an imminent collision is detected.

The driver is alerted and nan Pre-Safe strategy is engaged. If nan driver brakes, afloat braking unit is applied. If nan driver does not respond, nan strategy tin use afloat braking connected its ain to trim nan collision's intensity.

It is besides known arsenic Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

Pre-Safe Plus

The Pre-Safe Plus characteristic helps forestall aliases trim nan severity of rear-end collisions. The car's rear radar detects imaginable collisions. If a collision is imminent, nan strategy will flash nan rear hazard informing lights. This warns nan driver down to slow down aliases stop. The strategy besides activates nan reversible loop tensioners. This holds nan occupants successful place.

The strategy besides moves nan spot backrests to an upright position. This protects nan occupants successful nan arena of a collision. If nan conveyance is stationary, nan strategy will summation nan braking force. This holds nan car arsenic securely arsenic imaginable to forestall aliases lessen a secondary clang pinch nan conveyance ahead.

Pre-Safe Impulse Side

Pre-Safe Impulse Side is simply a collision avoidance strategy that uses radar to observe an imminent broadside impact. It takes action by inflating an aerial enclosure connected nan seat, pushing nan beforehand spot rider towards nan mediate of nan vehicle, and expanding nan region betwixt them and nan door. This reduces nan effect unit and nan severity of injuries.

The strategy uses radar information from some nan beforehand and broadside of nan conveyance to observe a imaginable collision and enactment connected it quickly and effectively, providing an added furniture of protection for nan occupants.

Pre-Safe Sound

Pre-Safe Sound protects a vehicle's occupants from proceeding harm successful nan arena of a collision. When nan strategy detects that a collision is unavoidable, it activates nan vehicle's sound strategy and plays a "pink noise" astatine 80 decibels.

This sound triggers nan stapedius reflex, which causes nan stapedius musculus to contract, weakening nan relationship betwixt nan eardrum and nan soul receptor for a divided second. This helps to trim nan harm that large noises from a clang tin origin to your hearing.

Pink sound is usually a viable action for those willing successful trying it. However, Dr. Michelle Drerup from Cleveland Clinic acknowledges that individuals who person proceeding nonaccomplishment aliases are sound delicate whitethorn find pinkish sound irritating.

If you wish to summation a applicable knowing of pinkish noise, watch nan video below.

Drive Safely and Responsibly

Pre-Safe by Mercedes is simply a revolutionary information strategy that detects imaginable clang situations and automatically responds pinch measures to heighten rider protection. Each of nan information features—Pre-Safe Brake, Pre-Safe Plus, Pre-Safe Impulse Side, and Pre-Safe Sound—reduce nan chances of wounded aliases decease successful nan arena of a collision.

Overall, nan Pre-Safe strategy provides an added furniture of protection for nan occupants and gives bid of mind while driving. However, it's important to retrieve that nan eventual work for information connected nan roadworthy lies pinch nan driver. It's ever important to thrust safely and responsibly.

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