BBTF 2023 opens for Trade show, buyers and sellers registration has started astatine nan opening of December 2022 arsenic nan committee formally announced nan taxable and logo conception of this yearly waste and acquisition show which will soon beryllium held successful June 14-17, 2023 astatine nan Bali International Convention Centre (BICC), Nusa Dua.

BBTF is supported by nan Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of nan Republic of Indonesia arsenic partner since nan first constitution of this prestigious event. Together pinch chap founders, initiators, sponsors and each dedicated stakeholders, some backstage and public, section government, and nan organization who make this arena stronger and go an important promotional arena successful nan tourism sector.

This twelvemonth BBTF is very grateful for nan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return portion successful supporting BBTF arsenic an overseas partner – joining for nan first clip successful BBTF 2023 by connecting Indonesia’s imaginable to nan world, bringing world media and buyers to see, first-hand, our rich | civilization and potentials.

The synergy and business of Badung Regency, which is rich | pinch diverseness destinations, brought strengths to nan marque positioning. Bali has been exposed positively connected nan representation of value tourism successful nan eyes of nan world, particularly aft successfully hosting nan G20 and globally recognized manufacture broadside events.

As we person said earlier that synergizing, collaborating to support nan tourism assemblage which has an important domiciled successful nan system of Indonesia and Bali successful peculiar is important to beryllium maintained together.

The caller BBTF 2023 logo conception of Dewata Nawa Sangha (Nine Gods), a Balinese accuracy that represents nan belief cardinal directions arsenic good arsenic nan 9 holiest temples successful Bali.

The number 9 is besides a awesome of perfection truthful pinch nan continued support of dedicated stakeholders, nan upcoming 9th BBTF successful 2023 is expected to beryllium a milestone for BBTF.

Nine besides conveys belief awakening and work to humanity, holistic values that align pinch BBTF caller taxable of value and sustainability.

The taxable of “Reconnecting to Quality and Sustainable Tourism” – feels applicable to nan existent and early business trends of nan nationalist and world Tourism sector.

BBTF promotes nan conception of tourism that prioritizes interactions betwixt visitors and section communities that supply various benefits ranging from accrued consciousness of culture, section wisdom, environment, and system to improving nan system successful nan section business ecosystem.

We judge that nan conception of value tourism is an attraction wherever visitors enactment successful a destination to really bask and study astir nan regular life of nan organization and yet return a domiciled to beryllium responsible for nan situation and section culture.

Travelers coming are progressively discerning successful their hunt for Wellness, Healing, Sport, Cultural, Humanitarian experiences, nonstop engagement successful conservation aliases moreover seeking a alteration successful nan meaning of life to beryllium happier.

“We person this plus of diverseness – Bali is nan cleanable destination – by getting to cognize nan section wisdom, traditions and culture, we each dream that travelers go portion of economical maturation and lend to biology preservation.” I Putu Winastra, nan president of nan committee stating nan insight.

Join BBTF 2023 and beryllium a portion of nan change.