Samsung announces Galaxy S23 prices, launch bundles in India

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Samsung launched nan Galaxy S23 bid yesterday, but it's only now that nan Indian section released nan elaborate pricing for nan Asian country. And it brings bully news and bad news.

The bad news is each versions sewage a value summation compared to nan Galaxy S22 series. It's comparatively insignificant INR2,000 connected nan vanilla S22, much noticeable INR10,000 connected Galaxy S22+ and alternatively important INR15,000 connected nan Ultra.

The bully news is nan Plus and Ultra models travel pinch accrued 256GB retention connected those guidelines versions, truthful unless you planned connected getting a 128GB portion nan quality is not huge. Also India is getting 12GB RAM connected nan 256GB Ultra, which is simply a bully perk.

Here is nan elaborate breakdown:

India (all prices successful INR)
Galaxy S23 Galaxy S23+ Galaxy S23 Ultra
8/128GB 74,999 - -
8/256GB 79,999 94,999 -
8/512GB - 104,999 -
12/256 GB - - 124,999
12/512GB - - 134,999
12GB/1TB - - 154,999

The Galaxy S23 comes successful 4 colors - Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender. The Galaxy S23+ gets only nan Black and Cream option, while Galaxy S23 Ultra gets each of them, including 4 exclusive to - Red, Graphite, Lime, and Sky Blue but they are only for nan 256 GB version.

Samsung announces Galaxy S23 prices successful India

Additionally Samsung India offers pre-booking bundles for nan Galaxy S22 Ultra. For conscionable INR4,999 extra, nan institution is throwing successful a Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE and Buds Pro 2, a 25W adapter and a Wireless Charger Pad Solo.

The Galaxy S23+ tin beryllium paired pinch a Bluetooth-only Watch4 for INR4,999, while nan S23 buyers tin get nan wearable for conscionable INR2,999.

If you waste and acquisition successful your aged smartphone, Samsung will slash nan value moreover further pinch anyplace betwixt INR8,000 and INR60,000, depending connected nan device.


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