Samsung Galaxy S23 trio has improved cooling with larger vapor chambers

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If you watch nan Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra disassembly video, you will spot that nan Ultra brought a new, bigger vapor enclosure to cool its chipset. The mini S22? It conscionable had graphite pads (you tin besides watch this video for nan S22). This twelvemonth Samsung made nan vapor chambers larger and moreover gave 1 to nan lowly Galaxy S23.

Check retired this animation posted by Ice Universe that shows nan maturation from past year’s S22 bid to caller models that were announced yesterday. You tin spot really overmuch bigger nan chambers connected nan Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra became.

If you prefer, you tin person a look astatine these fixed images instead:

Last year, nan Galaxy S22 couldn’t support highest capacity for very long, though it was tuned good and degraded gracefully (more specifications successful our review). This twelvemonth nan mini S23 should past longer acknowledgment to improved cooling and, of course, nan much businesslike TSMC-made Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset.

Additional capacity gains are to beryllium had from nan faster RAM – LPDDR5X, which runs astatine 8.5Gbps, up from 6.4Gbps of nan original non-X variant. The faster UFS 4.0 retention helps too, though beryllium warned that nan Galaxy S23 pinch 128GB retention uses nan older UFS 3.1. The 256GB exemplary does person nan caller retention chips and is simply a free upgrade during nan pre-order period.

Check retired our hands-on reappraisal pinch nan Galaxy S23 series for much details.


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