Shania Twain is quite literally unrecognisable with poker-straight blonde locks in bold new look for icon

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She’s 1 of nan astir celebrated euphony stars successful nan world, but Shania Twain managed to make group do a double-take astatine a pre-Grammys statement this week.

That’s correct – Shania really impressed america all, much, pinch her bombshell makeover astatine nan arena successful Los Angeles connected Wednesday.

(You’d decidedly beryllium forgiven for reasoning it was possibly Avril Lavigne, aliases Kim Petras, aliases moreover maybe, successful immoderate lights, Heidi Klum.)

Known for her thick, bouffant honeyed brunette locks, often coiffed into oversized waves, nan Canadian megastar could person almost gone unnoticed astatine nan bash pinch her hairsbreadth peroxide blonde and poker straight.

The singer, 57, looked incredibly youthful pinch her agleam blonde style astatine nan ‘do, nan Baileys Hosts Cocktails pinch Republic Records Artists astatine Beauty & Essex event, and we really deliberation it’s much nan streamlined style of nan hairsbreadth than nan colour that’s wholly thrown america off.

Our Shania does emotion a monolithic barnet!

But she looked glorious pinch her caller aesthetic, which she completed pinch a beautiful orangish silk garment and skirt tied astatine nan waist.

The state icon, known for hits That Don’t Impress Me Much, Man! I Feel Like A Woman and You’re Still The One, has been engaged promoting her latest medium successful caller weeks, precocious telling Metro that she feared she would ne'er singing again owed to undergoing pharynx surgery.

Her sixth record, Queen of Me, is retired connected Friday, and sees nan icon stripping naked for its beforehand cover.

And it’s adjacent to opportunity her astir caller quality astatine nan statement this week is simply a acold outcry from nan azygous screen for her latest azygous Waking Up Dreaming, which sees her posing beautiful overmuch nude but for a skirt, boots and a cowboy hat, her arms crossed complete her bare chest.

Currently enjoying her successful comeback, nan eternally youthful Shania precocious opened up astir ageing and really she antecedently considered going nether nan weapon but has now decided to ‘forget nan sag’.

The chart-topper said she had ‘come to a constituent where, nary I’m not gonna do it.’

She added, to nan Making Space pinch Hoda Kotb podcast: ‘Maybe that was astir apt portion of what pushed maine to go, “OK, it’s clip to commencement loving yourself successful your ain skin,” because judge I’ve sewage tons of friends that person had very successful surgeries, but I’ve besides seen others that aren’t truthful successful.

‘And past I think, “Well what if I’m 1 of those that doesn’t heal very well, past I’m gonna dislike that astir myself.” Then I’m gonna regret doing it. And then, possibly I’m going to autumn and trim myself, and I’m gonna request stitches, for real.’

She shared that she embraced that aforementioned ‘sag’ and that she wanted to beryllium ‘more comfortable successful my ain skin’.

‘It is what it is, and I can’t alteration it unless I spell nether nan weapon aliases something. I mean you don’t really cognize what you’re gonna get anyway, right?

‘One point pulled here, and different 1 pulled there, I don’t know, I whitethorn ne'er beryllium happy. So, it’s my cognition of things that has to change… alternatively of changing who I americium and what I look like.’

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