Share your memories of the 2003 Iraq war march

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On 15 February, it will beryllium 20 years since much than 1 cardinal group marched done London to protestation against nan imminent Iraq war. It remains nan largest governmental objection successful nan UK’s history.

Marches besides took spot successful Glasgow and Belfast, alongside hundreds of different cities globally that weekend.

We would for illustration to speak to group who attended anti-war demonstrations successful nan UK connected 15 February 2003 astir their memories of nan time and really it affected them and their outlook.

Whether it was your first march aliases you were already a seasoned protester successful 2003, we want to perceive astir really you retrieve that day.

What did you do? Did you recreation to nan march? Did you meet group that time – and if you made caller friendships, did they last? How did nan march, and consequent war, person an effect connected really you spot nan world?

Please stock immoderate photos you took astatine nan march.

If you are 18 years aliases over, you tin get successful touch by filling successful nan shape beneath aliases contacting america via WhatsApp by clicking here aliases adding +44(0)7766780300. Your responses are unafraid arsenic nan shape is encrypted and only nan Guardian has entree to your contributions. One of our journalists will beryllium successful interaction earlier we publish, truthful please do time off interaction details.

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