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Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson person some fixed interviews to TalkTV. The Guardian sewage to spot nan out-takes.

Piers Morgan: Good to spot you premier minister. It must beryllium an honour for you to travel connected my show.

Rishi Sunak: It’s a pleasance to beryllium connected a programme whose ratings are little than my own.

Morgan: Let’s commencement pinch nan biggest issue. Meghan Markle. She’s a correct portion of work.

Sunak: I’m not judge I’ve sewage thing to opportunity …

Morgan: How astir Prince Harry then? What a woke wuss nan man is. He shouldn’t beryllium invited to nan coronation, should he? He’s a ugliness …

Sunak: Er …

Morgan: I’ll return that arsenic a yes. On to you, premier minister. Today marks your 100th time successful office. How do you deliberation it’s going?

Sunak: Thank you. Far amended than expected. At 1 constituent I wasn’t judge I was going to past 100 days. My priorities are nan country’s priorities.

Morgan: Then your priorities are to get a Labour authorities elected.

Sunak: Precisely. And we are wholly connected track.

Morgan: Let’s spell first to immoderate breaking news. Shell has conscionable announced grounds profits. Are you having 2nd thoughts astir putting a much effective windfall taxation successful place?

Sunak: We are nan statement of debased taxation …

Morgan: You could person fooled me. Taxes are astatine grounds levels …

Sunak: As a Conservative, my instincts are not to raise taxes. It is incorrect to punish companies for being successful nan correct spot astatine nan correct time. That’s why Infosys is still operating successful Russia. If a business can’t get rich | connected nan backmost of an forbidden war, past erstwhile tin it?

Morgan: Do you deliberation everyone should salary their taxes?

Sunak: Of people not. I’m a Conservative. The rich | should salary arsenic small arsenic they tin get distant with. And location should beryllium breaks for oligarchs donating to nan party.

Morgan: I blasted Meghan …

Sunak: What for?

Morgan: Everything. The Bank of England has conscionable raised liking rates to 4%. Do you interest that galore group will default connected their mortgages?

Sunak: What’s a mortgage?

Morgan: It’s erstwhile group get from nan slope to bargain a house.

Sunak: Why would they want to do that? Why don’t they conscionable bargain a location pinch their ain money? It doesn’t make sense. People should unrecorded wrong their means.

Morgan: Do you interest that each nan sentiment polls propose you are retired of touch?

Sunak: No. Why?

Morgan: You’ve promised to halve ostentation …

Sunak: Yes. That’s my number 1 goal.

Morgan: But it’s forecast to autumn anyway. Regardless of what you do.

Sunak: I know. That’s precisely why I’ve promised to do it. It’s important that group tin beryllium assured nan authorities will do what it says.

Morgan: Let’s move connected to nan strikes. We each cognize you are going to person to do a woody pinch nan unions. When are you going to commencement negotiating?

Sunak: Sorry?

Morgan: Negotiate. As successful talk …

Sunak: Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. Aren’t nan nurses each militant lefties successful nan pouch of national barons? That’s what Grant Shapps says. Sometimes nan correct point is to do thing and to fto things get worse. And arsenic a beardown leader I will not hesitate to do nothing.

Morgan: Let’s return you backmost to your first time successful Downing Street, premier minister. You said you would govern pinch professionalism, accountability and integrity. How do you deliberation that’s going?

Sunak: Pretty well. I mean, I’ve sewage to beryllium an betterment connected Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, haven’t I? At slightest nether maine there’s a consciousness of managed failure.

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Morgan: Gavin Williamson …

Sunak: Who?

Morgan: Nadhim Zahawi …

Sunak: Look, I’ve gone connected nan grounds connected this before. I made a immense effort not to cognize thing astir thing earlier I appointed my cabinet. It only seemed adjacent to springiness a batch of deadbeats an moreover break. Myself included. No 1 could person been much amazed than maine that Honest Nadhim turned retired to beryllium a liar and a taxation avoider. But it was only £5m including nan penalty. That’s conscionable a rounding up correction connected my taxation return.

Morgan: Dominic Raab …

Sunak: A beautiful guy. Total sweetheart. A existent joker. Only yesterday he popped into Downing Street to opportunity that if I dared opportunity a connection against him he’d slit my dog’s pharynx and worldly nan assemblage nether my daughter’s pillow! How we laughed.

Morgan: Suella Braverman …

Sunak: When I said location would beryllium zero tolerance for breaking nan ministerial code, what I meant was location wouldn’t be.

Morgan: I’ve sewage to property you. Meghan. She wholly fancies me, doesn’t she?

Sunak: Gosh. Er …

Morgan: Thank you, premier minister.

Sunak: I dream nary 1 was watching …

Morgan: You’ve nary worries connected that score.

(A muffled banging comes from nan fridge)

Boris Johnson: Is it safe to travel retired now? Has Piers gone?

Nadine Dorries: It’s OK, my darling Bozzy Bear. The nasty man has gone. Let maine conscionable inquire you immoderate really tricky questions. Is it existent that nan Conservative statement treated you appallingly and that you would make a acold amended premier curate than that halfwit Sunak?

The erstwhile civilization caput Nadine Dorries interviews nan erstwhile premier curate Boris Johnson connected nan first section of her caller talk show, ‘Friday Night pinch Nadine’, connected TalkTV.
The erstwhile civilization caput Nadine Dorries interviews nan erstwhile premier curate Boris Johnson connected nan first section of her caller talk show, Friday Night pinch Nadine, connected TalkTV. Photograph: James Veysey/TalkTV/Rex/Shutterstock

Johnson: Um … er … Yes and cripes. I suppose you are right.

Dorries: You’re truthful handsome. I stake each nan ladies opportunity that to you … Now what astir those suggestions that you tried to screen up your engagement successful nan Downing Street lockdown parties?

Johnson: Of people I didn’t. That’s for nan birds.

Dorries: You’re truthful right. It would beryllium truthful retired of characteristic for you to lie. Now susurration maine immoderate Brexit prize saccharine nothings …

Johnson: Thanks to Brexit nan pandemic was not astir truthful bad successful nan UK because we had closed our borders and nan microorganism couldn’t get successful …

Dorries: YES!

Johnson: Thanks to Brexit we were capable to proviso arms to Ukraine for illustration different EU countries …

Dorrries: YES! YES!

Johnson: Must go. I’ve sewage a mates of mill to make giving rubbish speeches successful nan US. Can you conscionable cheque that nan idiot Bamford is covering my expenses arsenic per usual?

Dorries: Bon voyage, my darling Bozza. I emotion you truthful much.

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