Strikes, seatbelts and sleaze: Rishi Sunak’s first 100 days as PM – podcast

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When Rishi Sunak entered Downing Street past October it followed 1 of nan astir chaotic periods successful nan Conservative party’s history. Boris Johnson had been ejected by his ain MPs who past installed Liz Truss. When her economical scheme sent financial markets into panic mode, her MPs sewage free of her, too.

As nan Guardian’s governmental editor, Pippa Crerar, tells Nosheen Iqbal, Sunak had 3 main tasks: reconstruct calm to nan economy, extremity nan watercourse of scandals wrong his party, and effort to merge its warring factions. The grounds of nan first 100 days is simply a mixed picture.

He whitethorn person stopped nan worst of nan panic successful nan markets, but Britain’s system is still successful superior trouble. He’s already had to dispense pinch nan services of 2 of his furniture appointments and nan statement is still successful mutinous mood, forcing him into respective argumentation U-turns.

Rishi Sunak extracurricular No 10 Downing Street
Photograph: Toby Melville/Reuters

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