Tell us: how has viewing online pornography at a young age affected people?

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One successful 10 children have watched pornography by nan clip they’re 9 years old according to caller research.

Protecting children from watching pornography is 1 of nan cardinal intends of nan UK’s Online Safety Bill that is presently making its measurement done Parliament - and it looks arsenic though property verification will beryllium brought successful for mainstream porn sites.

Young group successful their 20s are now speaking retired connected nan harm done to them by increasing up pinch easy entree to porn. High floor plan figures for illustration Billy Eilish - arsenic good arsenic anti- rape campaigners who opportunity porn has fuelled intersexual unit successful nan UK.

Research has shown really overmuch of moreover mainstream pornography is focused connected convulsive aliases non consensual themes.

We would for illustration to speak to young group complete nan property of 18 astir really they deliberation viewing online pornography, erstwhile they were younger, has affected them.

Did you position it from a smartphone aliases from a different device? At what property did you start? Were you affected by adjacent pressure, from friends aliases successful schoolhouse settings? How has it impacted your cognition of activity now?

We’d besides for illustration to perceive from teachers astir immoderate effect connected pupils and entree to online porn. What is your acquisition complete time? Have you had to present immoderate measures to tackle immoderate issues?

We will interaction you earlier we people immoderate of your response.

If you are 18 years aliases over, you tin get successful touch, by filling successful nan shape beneath aliases contacting america via WhatsApp by clicking here aliases adding +44(0)7766780300. Your responses are unafraid arsenic nan shape is encrypted and only nan Guardian has entree to your contributions.

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