Tell us: how have you been affected by reduced UK property prices and rising mortgage rates?

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The mean UK location value fell for nan 4th period successful a statement successful December, according to Halifax, and request for mortgages has collapsed to its lowest level since nan 2020 nationalist lockdown arsenic imaginable homebuyers are deterred by rising liking rates.

We’d for illustration to perceive from group successful nan UK really their plans – to buy, sell, renovate aliases successful immoderate different measurement – person been affected by reduced location prices recently.

Whether you’re a homeowner and had to trim nan value of your home, a purchaser who was capable to threat up a location astatine a little price, a prospective first-time purchaser hoping for further reductions aliases a homeowner whose moving aliases renewal plans person been affected by downward pressures connected location prices, we’d for illustration to perceive from you.

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