The 5 Best ClickUp Templates to Simplify Your Work

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From work-related tasks to doctor’s appointments and family dinners, you’ve sewage a batch going on. More often than not, these responsibilities heap up, leaving you overwhelmed and stressed out. ClickUp provides a solution to this problem by offering a customizable integer abstraction for your individual and activity projects.

While ClickUp is already useful, you tin amended nan acquisition by adding templates. To prevention you nan problem of trying and testing aggregate templates, present are immoderate of nan champion ClickUp templates that tin thief you negociate your activity and unrecorded a fulfilling life.

1. Agile Project Management Template

Agile Project Management

ClickUp’s agile task guidance template provides nan cleanable model for projects that person aggregate deliverables that request to walk done various phases earlier completion. There are aggregate variations of agile task management, but they tin look rather analyzable to a novice. This template, however, is beginner-friendly, and you tin commencement managing your projects from nan get-go.

ClickUp’s agile task guidance template helps pinch task readying by providing a clear workflow. You tin prioritize tasks, update task status, delegate deadlines, and much pinch conscionable a fewer clicks. The template besides makes collaboration easier since squad members tin pass by commenting connected individual tasks.

You tin visualize nan template successful various views including (but not constricted to) a list, board, timeline, and calendar. Multiple types of views thief you negociate and visualize your projects successful different ways.

Agile Project Management List View

For example, nan database position allows you to easy group, sort, and select your tasks for nan time into various sections of nan board. The timeline view, connected nan different hand, helps create roadmaps and plans and negociate resources by providing a linear position of your schedule.

For each task, nan template provides pre-built statuses including in-progress, completed, and truthful on. You tin besides benignant tasks successful bid of their owed dates, priority, aliases nan clip required to complete them.

2. Schedule Blocking Template

Schedule Blocking Availability Types

ClickUp’s schedule blocking template helps you enactment connected apical of your schedule. You tin support way of meetings, reservations, events, and more. The template follows nan time-blocking method of scheduling. In clip blocking, you disagreement your time into clip blocks and each clip artifact is designated for a peculiar task.

Clickup Schedule Blocking

ClickUp’s schedule blocking template provides you pinch nan pursuing task views: activities, form, calendar, and more. You tin create your tasks successful nan shape position by adding successful each nan task details. Or you tin create your task successful nan Activities class by filling retired nan required fields. In nan almanac view, you tin position your daily, weekly, and monthly plans correct wrong a almanac to thief you visualize your schedule and scheme ahead.

Calendar position Schedule Blocking

ClickUp’s schedule blocking template, akin to its different templates, allows you to customize it according to your needs. While nan template provides you pinch pre-built fields specified arsenic activity type (work, leisure, etc.), status, category, availability, due date, and location; you tin adhd civilization fields according to your individual needs and preferences.

3. Personal Budget Template

Personal fund template

With ostentation connected nan rise, it’s precocious clip to adopt beneficial individual finance habits. And nan number 1 individual finance wont is to commencement budgeting. Personal budgeting lets you visualize your spending habits. Becoming alert of your spending patterns helps you make amended financial decisions and trim disconnected unnecessary expenses.

Keeping a individual fund prevents you from overspending and lets you scheme for paying disconnected indebtedness aliases early retirement. While you tin make a individual fund pinch Microsoft Excel, ClickUp’s individual fund template offers much convenience and easy customization. The shape is group for each your budgeting needs. All you request is to commencement filling in.

The default template includes 2 fund statuses, i.e., paid and budgeted—but you tin adhd much if you like. To adhd fund items, click nan new task option. You tin alteration nan position of nan fund items. For example, if your energy measure was successful nan pending status, aft paying nan bill, you tin alteration its position to paid, and it’ll automatically spell into nan group of paid fund items.

Budget by class view

The template includes aggregate pre-built columns to thief benignant each point specified arsenic due dates, priority, and item type (grocery, travel, work, etc.). But you tin adhd much columns according to what you need. Like different ClickUp templates, nan individual fund template besides has aggregate viewing options, including budget by category and calendar view.

4. Services Timesheet Template

Services timesheet

ClickUp’s timesheet template is simply a useful instrumentality for some freelancers and service-based businesses. You tin usage this template to log your (or employees’) moving hours and categorize them connected nan ground of different projects aliases clients. You tin besides usage nan template to way nan real-time advancement of different projects and negociate time.

Apart from nan board view, nan services timesheet template offers nan pursuing default views:

  • Daily Timesheet Log Form
  • Employee Summary List
  • Weekly Breakdown Table
  • Monthly Breakdown Table

Here’s really service-based businesses tin usage this template: Employees will capable successful their daily timesheet log forms by inputting nan required details, i.e., date, name, hours worked, hourly rate, etc., and submit. The regular timesheets will past beryllium reviewed and approved by nan task manager.

The task head tin position nan regular timesheet forms of each nan labor successful nan employee summary list view. Details of each introduction tin besides beryllium viewed by clicking connected nan entry. Upon review, nan position (approved, reviewing, on hold, etc.) of each introduction tin beryllium changed if needed.

In nan committee view, nan timesheet entries are categorized connected nan ground of their status. From here, nan task head tin easy resistance and driblet nan entries into a different position group.

Timesheet committee view

One of nan astir useful features of this template is that you tin group it to cipher worker salary automatically based connected their hourly complaint and full moving hours. If nan hourly complaint aliases nan moving hours are changed, nan full salary of nan worker changes automatically.

5. Getting Things Done Template

GTD template categories

Last connected our database is ClickUp’s getting things done template which is, successful essence, a elemental to-do database but is overmuch much useful. The template is based connected David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) framework. This template allows you to use nan GTD framework to free up your intelligence clutter by adding each nan things that are going connected successful your mind to a database of items.

All of your intelligence clutter goes into nan "in list" aliases nan open class of nan template. You tin past reappraisal each introduction successful nan open category. If nan point is actionable, you tin adhd it to nan to-do category. Inside nan to-do category, you tin further benignant nan entries utilizing different statuses (do it now, next action, etc.).

GTD template committee view

And if you want to position nan entries sorted by their applicable category, you tin do truthful by going to nan board view.

Make nan Most of ClickUp

ClickUp templates travel pinch designated "Getting Started Guides" to easiness users into nan process. Make judge to spell done nan guideline earlier utilizing nan template to afloat grasp its various features.

Once you get nan bent of it, you tin customize nan template to amended suit your needs. While ClickUp is awesome for managing some individual and activity projects, you tin usage it for a batch more.

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