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Trying to enactment connected apical of Prime Video's horror-movie offerings? The streaming work precocious added nan films Nanny and The Black Phone. You'll besides beryllium capable to watch nan slasher flick Halloween Ends, connected Feb. 14, and nan psychological scary movie Smile, connected Feb. 21. 

Hopefully each that, positive nan further movies listed below, adds up to capable creepy contented to fulfill your cravings. Dim nan lights, drawback nan popcorn, and fto nan nightmares begin.

Universal Pictures

In this tense caller release, a tiny kid is abducted and locked distant by a sadistic slayer played by Ethan Hawke. One of nan spare objects astatine his disposal is simply a disconnected telephone that seems to beryllium of small use. Or is it? Tune successful to spot a young protagonist effort to outsmart a murderer.

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World War Z explored nan ramifications of a worldwide illness each nan measurement backmost successful 2013, but successful this lawsuit nan affliction turned sufferers into mindless zombies. Starring Brad Pitt arsenic a erstwhile United Nations interrogator Gerry Lane, nan movie follows nan dispersed and imaginable cure of this wide zombie plague. 


Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta are astatine nan helm of this gripping slasher. A sequel to nan 1992 movie of nan aforesaid name, Candyman tackles issues specified arsenic gentrification and constabulary brutality. Prepare for blood, swarming bees and group making nan unfortunate determination to singing Candyman's sanction successful beforehand of a mirror.

Amazon Studios

Nanny is an progressively unnerving movie astir a mother moving successful nan US and separated from her boy successful Senegal, whom she hopes will soon subordinate her. The powerful, chilling, 97-minute movie -- led by a captivating Anna Diop -- takes viewers though her difficult, haunting wait.


If you for illustration your scary films interspersed pinch a spot of modern creation (and who wouldn't!) past Suspiria is decidedly nan 1 for you. It tells nan communicative of a supernatural creation academy tally by a coven of witches and features themes for illustration motherhood, guilt and maltreatment of power. An homage to nan original 1977 film, Suspiria stars Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton. 

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A Quiet Place Part II (2021)

The sequel to John Krasinski's runaway hit, A Quiet Place Part II revisits nan Abbott family arsenic they're forced to time off their location and recreation into nan unknown. With a marque caller babe successful tow, nan travel is perilous and tense, arsenic younger members of nan family person to measurement up and return nan lead.

Amazon Prime

Coherence is simply a huge favourite present astatine CNET and it's a terrifying watch. Not needfully successful nan traditional, gory, horrific consciousness but much successful position of nan concepts. It's a multiverse movie released earlier multiverses were cool and it's not what you expect. Coherence is nan benignant of movie you'll decorativeness and instantly rewatch to effort and rewire your brain. It's a awesome achievement. A must watch.

Well Go USA Entertainment

If you're looking for a earnestly awesome zombie film, look nary further. Train To Busan is an action scary astir a family stuck connected a train amidst a horrifying zombie outbreak. Not only is it gripping and intense, it's besides amazingly quality for a movie astir zombies. Well worthy a watch!

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