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After The Rings of Power and House of nan Dragon, imagination is having thing of a renaissance. Thankfully location are presently a immense magnitude of bully imagination shows connected Netflix.

There's evident choices for illustration The Sandman and The Witcher but, beyond that, what's worthy your time?

Here's wherever we deliberation you should start...

If you're aft imagination movies, caput here.

Our favourite Netflix imagination shows


Everyone seems to beryllium watching this show, truthful you don't needfully request maine to urge it, but Wednesday -- nan latest twist connected nan Addams Family -- is... beautiful good? 

The show feels very CW -- deliberation Riverdale/Nancy Drew -- but it's besides very funny successful moments. Arguably it's drama nan show handles best, but really Wednesday conscionable makes for a fun, easy binge. Get stuck in.


Based connected nan Neil Gaiman and DC's comic book, The Sandman has been good received by almost everyone! Fans of nan comic book emotion it, group who'd antecedently ne'er heard of it besides emotion it. Basically, if you're looking for thing caller to watch successful nan imagination realm, this show is it.

The Sandman has been successful improvement hellhole for decades, truthful it's bully to yet spot it deed nan surface truthful effectively.


Arcane is so good.

Based connected nan characters and lore of League of Legends, Arcane is conscionable an perfectly beautifully animated show astir family, trauma and nan effect of poverty. Just an astonishingly bully show to look at.


When I first heard that Henry Cavill had been formed arsenic Geralt successful The Witcher TV show, based a caller that became a very celebrated video game, I thought, "This can't beryllium good."

Then I watched nan first section and thought, "This isn't good."

But then, yet nan show someway was good? Then it became a phenomenon. Now it's 1 of nan astir celebrated shows connected Netflix.  


Shadow and Bone is based connected a bid of young big imagination novels written by Leigh Bardugo. There's a consciousness this show wasn't quite arsenic bully arsenic immoderate mightiness person hoped, and didn't quite spell arsenic mainstream arsenic immoderate expected. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't cheque it out.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Fine, I'll put Supernatural connected nan list. 

Follow nan supernaturally bully looking Winchester brothers arsenic nan hunt each mode of ghouls and goblins, demons, ghosts and monsters. 

Brace yourselves -- there's a ridiculous 15 seasons of this show disposable connected Netflix.


As a Scottish man, I americium some thankful for Outlander and resentful of it.

It's made Scottish men benignant of cool again, but besides fixed group ridiculously outsized, unfair expectations of us. We cannot dream to compete pinch Sam Heughan, who plays main characteristic Jamie Fraser. Ridiculous.

Outlander is simply a weird clip recreation show that has main characteristic Claire transported backmost successful clip from World War II to 1743 Scotland. It's decidedly romance caller nonsense, but it's self-aware romance caller nonsense. It's built for binging.


Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)

Avatar: The Last Airbender has gotta beryllium 1 of nan champion animated shows ever. Aang is nan titular past Airbender, a messiah type who tin power nan 4 awesome elements: air, fire, h2o and earth. 

But moreover trying to picture what makes Avatar truthful charming, smart and amazingly weighty is pointless. Just do yourself a favour and watch it.


The Umbrella Academy (2019—)

The Umbrella Academy is portion of nan a full suite of much big themed superhero shows that came retired a fewer years back. It takes itself a spot much earnestly than The Boys, which came retired connected Prime Video, but it's still a very compelling watch. 

It besides has immoderate of nan champion needle driblet moments connected immoderate show connected Netflix. Get connected it.

Kevin Baker/Netflix

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)

Based connected nan 1982 cult classic, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was beautiful bully for an workout successful nostalgia bait. Sadly, nan disbursal of nan accumulation caused Netflix to cancel it earlier we sewage a 2nd season. Doesn't mean you can't cheque retired nan first.


OK, let's do this 1 much time...

I can't judge I person three TV shows based connected video games connected this list! But erstwhile again, Castlevania is very good. A acheronian imagination show based connected nan video crippled of nan aforesaid name, Castlevania is ace popular, compelling and spectacularly good animated. Give it a chance, moreover if you've ne'er heard of nan game.


A BBC TV show based connected Arthurian legends, Merlin adds a Doctor Who artistic to nan imagination genre.

It's a small dated, for sure, but Merlin has a cult pursuing acknowledgment to immoderate awesome performances. Just don't expect Game of Thrones-level accumulation values.

Gonzalo Jiménez/CNET

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-2020)

Based connected nan aged kids sitcom Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reinvents itself arsenic a acheronian play focused connected nan occult. Miraculously, it works.

Prepare yourself for a unusual ending, but this show delivers.

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Hellbound is simply a acheronian imagination show astir supernatural creatures who resistance group to hell. If you conscionable sewage done pinch Squid Game and person a hankering for much Korean television, look nary further. This rules.


Sweet Tooth is simply a imagination play based connected nan comic book of nan aforesaid name. After a pandemic -- enactment pinch maine present -- hybrid babies are calved that are half human, half animal.

As you mightiness expect, a schism appears. Some group can't grip nan emergence of this caller hybrid and blasted them for nan pandemic. The show has been renewed for a 2nd season, truthful now is simply a bully clip to play catch-up.


We've officially called it nan second champion show connected Netflix. Is it a imagination show? Sort of. It's decidedly sewage immoderate unusual fantastical elements and -- sloppy -- is worthy your time. The communicative centers connected Prairie Johnson, a female who returns location aft being missing for years. The twist: Before she was blind, now she tin see. 

Everything that comes from that unusual twist gets progressively bizarre. Definitely springiness it a shot.


The Legend of Korra (2012-2014)

I can't put Avatar connected nan database without adding The Legend of Korra.

Set successful nan aforesaid universe, years aft nan events of nan original Avatar, The Legend of Korra is simply a acold much big type of nan show, dealing pinch amazingly mature themes. It's dramatically underrated. Watch it.

Weekly Shonen Jump

Can I get distant pinch adding anime to this list? Sorry, I'm doing it.

Chances are, if you're a instrumentality of anime you're already watching Demon Slayer or, astatine nan very least, are alert of its existence. Right now, it's astir apt nan astir celebrated anime connected nan planet. Demon Slayer is fundamentally a show astir a feline who slays demons. The twist: His sister is besides portion demon, and they recreation together. It's beautifully animated and nan conflict scenes are ballistic.


Attack connected Titan (2013-2022)

Since we're doing anime now, mightiness arsenic good do Attack connected Titan.

Attack connected Titan is an anime group successful a vaguely medieval beingness wherever quality beings are perpetually astatine consequence from skyscraper-size humanoid "Titans" who eat humans.

It's perfectly bonkers. You should watch it.


The Dragon Prince (2018—)

The Dragon Prince is often favorably compared to different legendary show connected this database -- Avatar.

That's astir arsenic precocious praise arsenic you tin get for an animated imagination show.

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