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Looking for a sci-fi movie to watch connected Netflix? You're successful luck -- there's plentifulness to get through! 

Here are nan champion sci-fi flicks presently connected Netflix.

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It's a small generic successful position of its aesthetic, but Jung_E is a fascinating sci-fi flick focused connected AI and people warfare. Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, nan creator down nan acclaimed 2016 zombie flick Train to Busan, Jung_E doesn't rather deed those giddy heights, but it's still perfectly worthy watching. 

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I mightiness beryllium unsocial successful this (or successful nan minority) but Minority Report is -- for maine -- 1 of nan champion subject fabrication movies of nan century. Beyond its meticulous and smart beingness building, Minority Report is besides a precocious octane enigma thriller dissimilar thing we've seen earlier aliases since. If you haven't watched it already -- you astir apt person -- get connected it ASAP.


There's a logic this Norwegian flick was glued successful Netflix's Top 10 for a while. A ragtag group must travel together successful nan upland ranges to incorporate a elephantine ancient troll from wreaking havoc. A coagulated monster movie pinch awesome typical effects.

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This Spanish clip recreation gem should beryllium connected your radar. A mother discovers a relationship to nan past, which she uses for good, but nan consequences for her coming are catastrophic. Mirage takes unexpected routes distant from nan acquainted aspects of this setup, creating a satisfying climax pinch affectional oomph.


Before Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski teamed up connected Top Gun: Maverick, location was Oblivion. 

Oblivion is an underrated, and now mostly forgotten, post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick wherever everything isn't rather what it seems. It's eager and incredibly beautiful. You whitethorn person missed Oblivion astatine nan theater, but there's ne'er been a amended clip to springiness it a chance. 


The Mist is great. A sci-fi scary movie based connected a Stephen King communicative that's sewage immoderate brilliantly executed scary elements. Just beryllium aware, it has an ending that will suck nan oxygen retired of your lungs. Don't opportunity you weren't warned.


Spiderhead is nan latest movie from Top Gun: Maverick head Joseph Kosinski, and besides stars Miles Teller, who features successful that aforesaid movie. 

Spiderhead isn't rather connected nan aforesaid level arsenic nan superlative Top Gun: Maverick, but it's still worthy watching. Based connected a dystopian short communicative published successful The New Yorker, Spiderhead takes spot successful a state-of-the-art prison, wherever drug-induced experiments are taking spot pinch nan inmates. 


The Platform is simply a Spanish sci-fi scary flick pinch a gruesome precocious concept. Prisoners successful a correctional installation are fed successful a very unsocial way: Folks astatine nan apical level get fed a ludicrous magnitude of food, folks beneath get their leftovers. Chaos ensues. 

It's not perfect, but still good worthy watching.


I conscionable watched The Colony recently. It's amazingly good!

It follows a very acquainted trope: Rich group returning to Earth years aft abandoning it, to find it overrun by new, chartless threats. The Colony subverts immoderate of these cliches, however, and has immoderate amazingly powerful things to opportunity astir nan ways successful which we dehumanize 1 another. Well worthy giving a chance. 

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Men successful Black is presently connected Netflix. You cognize this movie, everyone has seen this movie. It's good. You should watch it.


An Australian-made sci-fi thriller starring Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne, I Am Mother tells nan post-apocalyptic communicative of Daughter, a characteristic raised by Mother, a robot tasked pinch helping repopulate nan Earth. Very tense, very strange, very good.


The Mitchells vs. nan Machines (2021)

The Mitchells vs. The Machines is 1 of nan smartest, astir accessible kids movies of nan past fewer years. It's nan benignant of movie kids and parents tin watch together and some person a blast.

I should know, my kids person made maine watch this... 8 times truthful far? Sweet.



The Adam Project isn't a cleanable movie, but it is cleanable for those seeking retired an easy watch for a family movie night. Ryan Reynolds does his Ryan Reynolds point arsenic a time-traveling aviator moving pinch his 12-year-old aforesaid connected a ngo to prevention nan future.

Look, it's a crowd pleaser! 

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Is this sci-fi? I deliberation it's sci-fi. 

It's sci-fi. End of discussion.

Don't Look Up is acold from a cleanable movie. It reeks of Hollywood faux-activism and it's excessively agelong and measurement excessively connected nan nose. But it still feels important and also... rather funny? 

I deliberation sloppy of its flaws, Don't Look Up is simply a movie that has had a nett affirmative connected nan world and it's worthy watching.


Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Childhood (2022)

Apollo 11 1/2 is loosely based connected head Richard Linklater's childhood. An animated communicative group astir nan clip of nan Apollo satellite landing it stars  Glen Powell, Jack Black, Zachary Levi and Josh Wiggins and features a beautiful animated aesthetic. 

It's a beautifully made movie you can't spend to miss.

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