'The needle in the haystack': radioactive capsule found in Australia after extensive search – video

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A mini radioactive capsule that was mislaid successful nan Australian outback for much than 2 weeks and posed a 'significant nationalist wellness risk' has been recovered by nan broadside of nan road. The 8mm x 6mm capsule, which fell from a unafraid instrumentality connected a motortruck travelling from a Rio Tinto excavation successful nan Pilbara region of Western Australia to Perth, was recovered southbound of nan municipality of Newman. The Australian defence unit is now verifying nan instrumentality by its serial number. It is being stored astatine a unafraid location successful Newman earlier being transported to Perth connected Thursday, wrong a lead instrumentality to shield group from radiation

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  • Tiny radioactive capsule mislaid successful Australian outback recovered by broadside of 1,400km agelong of road
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