The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update: 7 Additions You Must Try

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CD Projekt Red gave Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a caller lease of life by releasing its next-gen update successful December 2022. That could beryllium some nan biggest and past Witcher 3 update that adds caller content.

The next-gen update has fixed Wild Hunt a graphical revamp and introduced various caller features for players to effort out. These are immoderate of nan astir notable caller Witcher 3 additions to cheque retired aft nan next-gen update.

1. Find and Complete nan Eternal Fire Quest

The "In nan Eternal Fire’s Shadow" broadside quest is nan biggest next-gen update contented summation to Witcher 3. That’s a comparatively short quest that leads Geralt to free nan tone of nan deceased witcher, Reinald Philter.

It includes a spooky excavation to explore, equipped bandits, and a leader to defeat. Completing that quest will reward you pinch 75XP, a negotiated magnitude of crowns, and astir importantly nan Forgotten Wolven diagrams.

Reinald characteristic details

However, "In nan Eternal Fire’s Shadow" won't beryllium listed connected Witcher 3’s quest paper until activated. To unlock nan quest, sojourn Devil's Perch successful Velen. That’s a signposted location you tin recreation to straight without Roach.

The Devil's Pit signpost location successful Velen

Upon arriving successful Devil’s Perch, you can’t miss nan Eternal Fire leader opinionated by a cart adjacent to that location’s signpost. Speak to that leader to activate nan quest. The quest’s suggested level is 15, truthful completing it mightiness beryllium tricky if you’re little than level 10.

2. Find nan Forgotten Wolf School Gear

The Witcher 3 next-gen update besides adds a caller group of Forgotten Wolf School Gear. That gear’s armor matches what Henry Cavill wears successful nan Netflix Witcher 3 series. Completing nan "In nan Eternal Fire's Shadow" quest gives you nan Forgotten Wolven diagrams and unlocks nan Forgotten Wolf School Gear wealth hunt.

You’ll request to complete that wealth hunt to unlock nan mastercrafted and grandmaster levels of nan Forgotten Wolf School Gear.

 Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams wealth hunt connected nan Quests tab

To get nan mastercrafted and grandmaster Forgotten Wolf School Gear, complete nan Eternal Fire quest to unlock its wealth hunt. Select Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams successful nan Treasure Hunt menu; past caput to nan castle successful Kaer Morhen to find Osmund’s notes connected nan bookshelves there. The wealth hunt will nonstop you to nan nonstop location connected your map.

The Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams wealth hunt location

Upon completing that wealth hunt, you’ll still request personification to trade nan mastercrafted and grandmaster Forgotten Wolf School Gear. You tin get mastercrafted armor crafted successful Crow’s Perch by Yoana aft completing nan “Master Armorers” quest. For crafting mastercrafted swords, spell and spot Hattori successful Novigrad and complete nan “Of Swords and Dumplings” quest if you haven’t done so.

Grandmaster-level Forgotten Wolf cogwheel is only disposable successful nan Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine description . To get it crafted, speak to Lazare Lafargue successful Beauclair. If you haven’t spoken pinch him before, he’ll springiness you a bid of wealth hunts to complete for a “Master Master Master Master” quest.

3. Take Snapshots With Witcher 3’s Photo Mode

Most PC players astir apt utilized nan Game Bar to capture in-game screenshots successful Windows 11 and 10 from Witcher 3 earlier nan next-gen update. Now you tin utilize Witcher’s caller Photo Mode to return amended screenshots of that game. Photo Mode enables you to rotate nan camera 360 degrees and zoom successful and retired earlier capturing your shots.

To activate Witcher’s Photo Mode connected a PC, property nan U keyboard key. You tin activate that mode connected Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 by pressing nan correct and near sticks simultaneously. Play astir pinch settings connected nan Camera and Effects tabs to group up nan shot; property Space aliases prime nan Take Photo action to seizure nan screenshot.

The caller Photo Mode instrumentality successful Witcher 3

To find nan captured snapshots connected a Windows PC, unfastened nan Documents files successful your personification directory. Then unfastened nan Witcher 3 and screenshots folders from there. The screenshots get saved to nan image galleries connected consoles.

4. Change nan Frame Rate Mode Setting (Console Only)

A caller Frame Rate Mode mounting for Witcher 3 connected nan PS5 and Xbox Series X|S enables players to prime Performance aliases Ray Tracing modes. Performance mode enables smoother gameplay astatine 60FPS. The Ray Tracing action sets ray-traced world illumination but reduces nan framework complaint to 30FPS. For further specifications astir that graphics rendering mode, cheque retired our tech-explained guideline that discusses what ray tracing is and really it works.

To alteration nan Frame Rate Mode setting, prime Options connected Witcher 3's menu. Select Graphics > Display to bring up immoderate ocular options. Then you group nan Frame Rate Mode mounting to either Ray Tracing aliases Performance.

5. Set nan New Camera Distance (PC Only)

To make Witcher 3 much cinematic, nan next-gen update added a caller close-up camera region to nan PC game. That caller camera mode provides a person position of Geralt than before. You don't request to manually alteration close-up mode since it's group by default aft nan update.

 Wild Hunt

However, you tin still configure nan camera region for exploration, combat, and horseback via Witcher 3’s settings. Click Options and Gameplay connected nan paper to entree nan camera settings. Then prime Close aliases Default (zoom out) for nan Exploration, Combat, and Horseback Camera Distance settings.

6. How to Use nan Quick Cast Feature

Quick Cast is simply a caller next-gen update characteristic for Witcher 3 that enables players to formed signs without selecting them connected nan Quick Access Menu. To alteration it, prime Options > Gameplay and group nan Quick Sign Casting mounting to Quick Casting. Then you tin property nan 3 to 7 number keyboard keys to usage nan signs connected a PC.

7. Enhance Witcher 3’s Visuals With nan Ultra+ Graphics Preset (PC Only)

Ultra+ graphics settings is simply a characteristic that only nan PC type of The Witcher 3 next-gen update has. That’s a caller wide preset you tin prime to raise nan graphical value of Witcher 3 different notch to spot nan crippled astatine its sparkling champion aft nan update.

The Ultra+ preset enhances nan texture, shadow, water, and terrain ocular quality, on pinch nan wide item level successful nan game.

The Ultra+ graphics preset

To activate nan Ultra+ preset, prime Options > Video > Graphics successful Witcher 3’s menu. Then click nan Ultra+ tab to group that preset. Or you tin prime Ultra+ for circumstantial graphical settings instead.

With nan Next-Gen Update, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is a Remastered Game

The Witcher 3 next-gen update is almost for illustration a freely disposable remastered edition. It delivers a noticeable graphical enhancement that makes The Witcher 3 look much for illustration a 2023 crippled than 1 released successful 2015.

You tin besides person nosy playing nan game’s caller quest, uncovering nan latest gear, and taking beautiful screenshots pinch Photo Mode. So, location has ne'er been a amended clip to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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