This land is our land – but greed is trumping freedom | Letters

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Re your study (Dartmoor nationalist parkland to salary landowners to let chaotic camping, 19 January), it seems nan section authorities and courts disregard nan rule that everyone has an adjacent correct to life. It seems we person nary correct to beryllium connected this satellite without nan support of landowners.

Nobody made nan onshore aliases creates its value; it should beryllium our communal heritage. Centuries aged economical injustice stems from backstage ownership of onshore by nan few. It has led to an inexorable transportation of wealthiness to landowners, without them lifting a finger, isolated from to raise rents. The only adjacent and applicable solution is to taxation onshore values, to transportation that unearned and undeserved wealthiness backmost to nan many.
Peter Reilly
Chair, Labour Land Campaign

The lawsuit made against chaotic camping connected Dartmoor was brought for ecological reasons. Or truthful I thought. However, it now seems that being financially compensated is acceptable. Once again, greed triumphs complete wellbeing.
Linda Gresham

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