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Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s indoor play league, TGL, has postponed its inaugural play by a twelvemonth until nan commencement of 2025, nan statement said Monday.

The determination comes aft nan tile of nan caller arena slated to big TGL matches collapsed past week. The convention said nan powerfulness strategy utilized during building of nan SoFi Center successful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida failed, causing a dome building to deflate.

The mishap did not origin injuries aliases harm nan league’s play simulators and different technology, TGL said. But TGL delayed nan season, which was expected to commencement successful January, aft speaking to cardinal partners.

“This determination came aft reviewing short-term solutions, imaginable building timelines, subordinate schedules, and nan primetime sports tv calendar,” nan convention said successful a statement. “We are assured that nan hold will only amended our delivery.”

TGL, which counts nan PGA Tour arsenic a partner, was founded by McIlroy, Woods and erstwhile NBC executive Mike McCarthy. The trio wants to create a primetime indoor play convention to pull caller fans to nan athletics arsenic nan emergence of nan Saudi-backed LIV Golf, and past its projected merger pinch nan PGA Tour, near play astatine a crossroads.

Woods was optimistic astir nan league’s early contempt nan delayed launch.

“Although nan events of past week will unit america to make adjustments to our timelines, I’m afloat assured that this conception will beryllium brought to life by our awesome committed players,” Woods said successful a connection Monday.

TGL has drawn immoderate of nan champion golfers successful nan world arsenic portion of its lineup. It’s unclear really nan caller timeline could impact subordinate participation.

The convention has besides attracted a number of high-profile squad owners and investors including hedge funder Steve Cohen, Atlanta Falcons proprietor Arthur Blank, Fenway Sports Group, tech founder Alexis Ohanian and tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams. Other investors successful nan league include hoops awesome Stephen Curry, title car driver Lewis Hamilton, women’s shot subordinate Alex Morgan, vocalist Justin Timberlake and pro football’s Tony Romo and Josh Allen.

TGL signed a multi-year media authorities woody with ESPN in October to broadcast its events.

ESPN said it afloat supports nan determination to postpone nan 2024 season.

“We person believed successful them and their imagination from nan beginning, and that has not changed. The further clip to plan, trial and rehearse will only make it better, said Rosalyn Durant, executive vice president, programming and acquisitions astatine ESPN.

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