TV tonight: Bill Gates talks politics, divorce and chickens

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Amol Rajan Interviews Bill Gates

7.30pm, BBC Two

“It’s unusual to beryllium an aged person; I don’t deliberation of myself that measurement – I still consciousness young!” The 67-year-old Microsoft laminitis and philanthropist meets Rajan successful Kenya for an in-depth chat – and it starts pinch a speech astir chickens. Talk turns to conspiracy theorists, Elon Musk, therapy, US politics, rumoured affairs (which he restrains from going into excessively overmuch item on) and his divorcement aft 27 years of marriage. Hollie Richardson

Would I Lie to You?

8pm, BBC One

On this week’s sheet show wherever dishonesty is often nan champion policy: Jo Brand, Lucy Martin, Amol Rajan and Joe Wilkinson. Who claims to person been a chauffeur for nan Jackson 5? And who erstwhile shared a shelter successful Kent pinch Susie Dent? HR

Travel Man: 48 Hours successful Marseille

8.30pm, Channel 4

This week, Joe Lycett swans astir nan southbound of France pinch nan comedian Asim Chaudhry. They spell skateboarding (well, they guidelines connected their boards), beryllium connected nan longest chair successful nan world and eat a cream-topped doughnut excessively naughty to beryllium shown pre-watershed. HR

Death successful Paradise

9pm, BBC One

The ever-changing formed of nan seaside crime play isn’t rather a vessel of Theseus: Don Warrington has been location since time 1 arsenic Commissioner Selwyn Patterson. This week, he gets a beardown storyline erstwhile Patterson meets his girl for nan first time. The intolerable slaying of nan week is that of a erstwhile children’s location resident. Jack Seale

Hotel Portofino

9pm, ITV

Natascha McElhone successful Hotel Portofino
Natascha McElhone successful Hotel Portofino. Photograph: ITV

This play saga, group successful “a very English edifice connected nan Italian Riviera” successful 1926, went unnoticed erstwhile it debuted connected BritBox a twelvemonth ago. The posh guests of nan titular edifice person a secret. Natascha McElhone and Anna Chancellor springiness nan formed a touch of class; nan rising threat of fascism lends a comfy-feeling play immoderate edge. JS

Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples

9pm, Channel 4

Sniping spouses Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont ever look keen to people points disconnected each other, truthful it makes consciousness for them to big a narration gameshow. This week, Amanda Abbington and her partner, Jonathan Goodwin, return connected popular pussycat Kimberly Wyatt and exemplary Max Rogers successful nan personage mates stress-test. Graeme Virtue

Film choice

Christian Bale and Amy Adams successful Vice
Christian Bale and Amy Adams successful Vice. Photograph: Lifestyle pictures/Alamy

Vice (Adam McKay, 2018), 11.05pm, BBC Two
Adam McKay’s marque of pointed governmental satire is brought to carnivore connected Dick Cheney, nan shade president during George W Bush’s clip successful office. It’s a measurement of nan film-maker’s accomplishment that you guidelines for nan whip-smart usability arsenic he slides up nan slippery rod of powerfulness – from drunken ne’er-do-well to a US vice-president who redefined torture, ripped up privateness laws and initiated a spurious warfare successful Iraq. Christian Bale inhabits nan portion pinch admirable perspicacity, while Steve Carell is terrifically obnoxious arsenic chap traveller Donald Rumsfeld. Simon Wardell

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