Twitter discontinues its free API access, paid version in the pipeline

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In a caller tweet from Twitter's developers' account, nan institution announced that it's closing its free API entree starting February 9 - a week from now. A caller paid basal tier will beryllium disposable soon.

Twitter discontinues its free API access, paid type successful nan pipeline

Twitter is bleeding money each twelvemonth and Elon Musk and his squad are scrambling to prevention nan societal web from bankruptcy. This, successful turn, intends that immoderate features connected nan level will require a subscription successful bid to summation nan gross stream. The latest characteristic to return nan deed is nan free API entree for developers.

From February 9 onward, developers and companies that trust connected Twitter's APIs will person to salary a monthly interest to entree nan data. In 1 of its tweets, nan institution states that Twitter holds 1 of nan biggest and astir powerful information sets, truthful it's committed to maintaining its narration pinch entities that usage nan website's APIs and besides alteration faster and much broad entree successful nan future.


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