Vanessa Hudgens ‘engaged’ to boyfriend Cole Tucker after two years of dating

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Vanessa Hudgens is group to locomotion down nan aisle aft reportedly getting engaged to fellow Cole Tucker. 

The erstwhile High School Musical character has been making love nan MLB subordinate since precocious 2020 erstwhile they first went nationalist pinch their relationship. 

It’s now claimed that Cole, 26, projected to Vanessa, 34, immoderate clip astatine nan extremity of 2022, pinch nan mates choosing to support nan news private. 

According to TMZ, it’s not known erstwhile he popped nan mobility but nan mates did bask a romanticist travel to Paris successful November, truthful it wouldn’t beryllium retired of nan realm for him to get down connected 1 knee successful nan metropolis of love. 

They surely look smitten pinch each other, arsenic Vanessa posted a tiny Instagram photograph of her gazing astatine Cole pinch a wide grin astatine a party. 

‘I’ll extremity nan world and melt pinch you ❤️🥰,’ she captioned nan threat past week. 

Vanessa and Cole were first linked together successful November 2020 and nan Princess Switch character precocious revealed really they first met. 

‘He’s conscionable benignant of cleanable for me,’ she told Entertainment Tonight. 

‘Me and Cole met connected a Zoom meditation group. Very random, yes. Zoom, you’ve sewage to emotion it. 

‘I deliberation that it’s besides truthful important to enactment grateful for everything that you person successful life. 

‘I’ve been making that a priority, and I consciousness for illustration it’s conscionable been making magic hap each nan more,’ she said. 

Vanessa’s romance pinch Cole blossomed months aft her divided from ex-boyfriend Austin Butler astatine nan opening of 2020. 

Austin precocious gave nan character in installments for him taking connected nan role of precocious stone n rotation fable Elvis Presley successful nan critically acclaimed biopic Elvis, which has earned him a champion character Oscar nomination. 

In her younger years, Vanessa enjoyed a high-profile romance pinch her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron and character Josh Hutcherson. has reached retired to Vanessa’s reps for comment.

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