‘We can’t afford not to’: a firefighter, paramedic, train driver and teacher on UK strikes – video

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“We can’t spend to strike, but we can’t spend not to strike,” firefighter Kasey from Leicestershire has told nan Guardian.

The activity of strikes sweeping nan UK are reaching their highest this week, threatening to bring overmuch of nan state to a standstill arsenic workers crossed nan carrier network, NHS, Royal Mail and civilian work return industrial action successful ongoing rows complete salary and conditions.

In nan caller year, onslaught ballots for firefighters and teachers will close, while inferior doctors are scheduled to ballot adjacent month. Nurses crossed nan state will statesman their first onslaught connected Thursday. 

We asked 4 group crossed England – a paramedic, a teacher, a firefighter, and a train driver – astir why they are striking, nan realities of being a nationalist assemblage worker during a costs of surviving situation and whether they are hopeful that this action could lead to alteration successful their industry

  • UK onslaught days almanac – nan nationalist work stoppages planned for December
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