What Is a Smart Home EV Charging Station, and How Does It Work?

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Electric vehicles are everywhere. Due to nan ever-growing fame of EVs, it's important to beryllium alert of really EV ownership tin disagree from buying a accepted vehicle.

Usually, erstwhile you acquisition a car, you don't person to interest astir thing fuel-related isolated from getting to nan state position earlier nan needle hits empty.

This is different pinch EVs, arsenic you person different options to complaint your vehicle. In addition, immoderate of these options are faster and smarter than others, while immoderate you tin person successful your home.

What Is a Smart Charging Station for nan Home?

Silver EV sports car charging extracurricular successful nan evening

Electric conveyance charging tin look for illustration a confusing mess, but it's really not that large of a deal. Typically, EV manufacturers see a wall connector for your EV, and this is an L1 charger.

This type of connector charges nan conveyance slowly, and depending connected your vehicle's artillery size, it tin return much than a afloat time to wholly complaint your artillery from empty.

So, arsenic a solution, group person L2 chargers professionally installed successful their homes to bask faster charging that tin afloat recharge their EVs by nan adjacent morning.

But not each L2 chargers are created equal. The features alteration betwixt different brands, and immoderate L2 chargers suffice arsenic smart. For example, immoderate units tin beryllium hardwired into your home's electrical architecture, while others link to a 240V outlet and tin beryllium mounted connected nan wall.

So, wherever does a smart EV charging position characteristic successful each this? One of nan biggest differences is that smart units let connectivity betwixt nan charging position and your smartphone while nan car is plugged in. This connectivity is usually achieved done a Wi-Fi connection.

What Can You Do With a Smart Charging Station?

taycan location charger

There are basal wall-mounted L2 chargers that complaint your conveyance and do small else. Whereas nan "smart" wall-mounted chargers person Wi-Fi connectivity and let you to execute various functions that you wouldn't beryllium capable to do pinch a accepted charger.

Smart location chargers let nan personification to programme charging commencement times for nan vehicle, moreover allowing programming charging times to coincide pinch little off-peak hr rates.

You tin group up a charging schedule via an app and moreover alteration these settings for nan weekend. Tesla offers a Wall Connector, which tin beryllium controlled via its app.

According to Tesla's support page, you tin group up charging schedules for your conveyance and moreover entree charging history logs from nan app.

The Tesla app allows you to negociate a civilization complaint schedule aliases judge nan default off-peak complaint schedule connected your Wall Connector.

In emblematic Tesla fashion, you tin remainder assured that your Wall Connector will enactment up-to-date acknowledgment to its over-the-air updates. This is important, particularly pinch a institution for illustration Tesla that likes to hole issues that mightiness popular up arsenic soon arsenic possible.

Should You Buy a Smart EV Charger for Your Home?

Person charging their EV extracurricular a ceramic building

It really depends connected your individual needs. If you seldom consciousness nan request to complaint up your EV wholly each azygous night, nan normal 120V charger mightiness beryllium much than capable for you.

This intends you tin besides bypass nan request for a master installation of an L2 charging station. However, you'll person to interaction a master electrician if you want nan portion hardwired into your house's electrical system.

Even if you bargain a portion that plugs into a 240V outlet, you'll astir apt request an electrician to instal nan caller outlet anyway. Of course, location are non-smart location chargers arsenic well, but for nan price, you mightiness arsenic good get an excellent smart charger for illustration nan ones Topdon makes.

A Smart EV Charging Station for Your Home Is a Great Investment

Buying a smart charging position for your location is simply a awesome investment, and choosing nan correct 1 guarantees that you tin support nan aforesaid system, moreover if you upgrade to a different EV successful nan future.

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