What is Groundhog Day and how to watch the Bill Murray movie in the UK?

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While coming whitethorn not look for illustration a important time successful nan UK, for folks successful a mini municipality successful Pennsylvania it is immense – for February 2 is nan clip to observe Groundhog Day.

Yup, nan time erstwhile a groundhog tells nan bully people of Punxsutawney whether to expect an early outpouring aliases six much weeks of wintertime isn’t conscionable nan taxable of a classic Bill Murray movie, it really exists.

But conscionable what is nan time each astir and wherever tin you watch nan movie successful nan UK?

Here’s what you request to know…

What is Groundhog Day?

Groundhog Day is observed each twelvemonth connected February 2, having originated successful nan municipality of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

The time derives from an aged Germanic communicative that each twelvemonth a groundhog will flick its caput up retired of its den astir this time.

If it sees his protector (denoting that it’s a clear time out), nan wintertime will transportation connected for six much weeks.

If, however, it sees a cloudy day, it intends we’re getting an early spring.

Although nan time is celebrated crossed North America – pinch nan day having been chosen arsenic it’s nan midpoint of wintertime – nan first observance was successful Punxsutawney, and this is still wherever nan largest celebrations return spot to this time (and wherever nan movie is set).

What happens connected Groundhog Day?

The time revolves astir a ceremonial that is held astatine daybreak astatine a spot successful Punxsutawney called Gobbler’s Knob (yes, really).

The groundhog is known arsenic Punxsutawney Phil, and he is looked after throughout nan twelvemonth by a prime group called nan Punxsutawney Groundhog Club Inner Circle, who besides plans nan yearly ceremony.

Phil is helped to nan apical of nan stump and tells nan president of nan Inner Circle – successful a connection known arsenic ‘groundhogese’, his verdict connected what he’s seen.

The President of nan Inner Circle, nan only personification allegedly capable to understand groundhogese, past translates Phil’s message, and nan Voice President sounds nan verdict retired to nan crowds, and nan thousands who watch nan unrecorded broadcast connected TV.

Punxsutawney Phil is owed to fulfill his yearly task astatine astir 7.25am Eastern Time (12.25pm successful nan UK).

According to lore, location has only ever been 1 Phil – who has been live ever since nan first ceremonial backmost successful 1886.

You mightiness not want to return his prediction excessively seriously, arsenic historically his occurrence complaint astatine predicting nan upwind is only astir 39%, according to the Stormfax Almanac.

How to watch Groundhog Day successful nan UK

The 1993 classical film, named aft and centered astir Groundhog Day is disposable to watch connected various streaming platforms crossed nan UK.

It is disposable connected NowTV pinch a cinema membership, which costs £9.99 a period and comes pinch a free trial.

You tin besides acquisition it connected Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play shop and Youtube for an mean of £3.50.

Sky customers will besides beryllium pleased to cognize that nan movie is playing connected repetition each time connected Sky Cinema (I know, hilarious).

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